The Oenologismi project at Cantieri Cucchini in Venice, between wine and art

Usually open to visitors in summer, especially during events or projects related to the Biennale, i.e Docks Cantieri Cucchini They are now exhibition spaces that were created in a former industrial complex that was active between the late 19th and early 20th centuries. A shipyard, like many in the lagoon, that brought together a number of ships queri, forging for the construction of traditional Venetian boats. To reach it, go to the island of San Pietro di Castello, near the Arsenale and the Giardini della Biennale, at the eastern end of the historic center of Venice. Quite a popular place in summer, much more intimate and lonely in winter.

The former Cantieri Cucchini shipyards

The history and future of the Cucchini shipyards of San Pietro di Castello

It is in this context that the first embryo of the project will take shape Oenologisms, an exhibition dedicated to the exploration and knowledge of Italian food and wine thought, but strengthening the cultural identity of the space through the interweaving of art, literature, music, history and photography. The project will begin from January 20, 2024 (and until March 30th, with the option to extend programming to subsequent months) of a range of events including meetings, book launches, historical insights, art and photography exhibitions. The idea comes from this Laura Riolfattovisual artist, sommelier and wine and food stylist who works with Francesco Cucchini – Historic Space Restoration Advocate – Manages the Docks: “I have a cultural and artistic background, but I am also an AIS sommelier and a passionate food and wine photographer. With the intention of giving the Cantieri a more complex cultural touch and doing something of our own that goes beyond simply renting out the premises for external events (necessary to support the ongoing restoration of the space), we chose Enologismi. La Tesa2, the smallest of the three rooms we have, will thus become a hybrid space open to the public by appointment or reservation if you wish to register for the planned events for a fee.”

Andrea Morucchio, The Aesthetics of Floating Time
Andrea Morucchio, The Aesthetics of Floating Time

The programming of Oenologismi in Venice

On January 20th, coinciding with the first lottery event (Spiritual Exercises for Wine DrinkersPresentation of the book by Angelo Peretti), will also open the photo exhibition, which can be visited throughout the duration of the project. An exhibition signed by Andrea MorucchioDedicated to Porto Marghera and the productive soul of the lagoon: “For us, Venice is first and foremost a lagoon and has always been an important manufacturing district, starting with the Arsenale and San Pietro districts. The shots of Porto Marghera seem to be similar to the identity of the place and the story we want to tell“, explains Riolfatto. The aesthetics of floating time was created in collaboration with the Landscape Museum of Torre di Mosto and would like to reveal “the beautiful side of a city like Marghera, usually associated with industry“. We continue with photography courses and literary or musical tastings, such as: Go to the wine page (on February 2, 2024), with Gianpaolo Giacobbo And Massimo Zardo, to connect the history of rock with that of natural wines, between bottles and vinyl. But there will also be space for curious historical excursions, such as the February 4th date Alessia Cipolla, that tells the story and design hidden behind a glass (Glasses at the table between history and design).We will talk about women working in wine, biodiversity and Venetian history from an unusual perspective, following the vine's journey towards Serenissima. With Enologismi we identify a neologism that aims to identify a thought and a new cultural-enological movement. This is an experiment that has room for development based on the response we receive from the public.”

Livia Montagnoli

Venice // from January 20th to March 30th, 2024
Docks, Cucchini shipyards – TESA2
San Pietro di Castello 40/B

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