The 2024 exhibition program at the Fondazione Prada locations

Milan, Venice, Shanghai, Tokyo: Foundation, endowment Prada presents the program in the different locations – the Italian, permanent and the Asian, external – for 2024. The projects reaffirm the multidisciplinary and hyper-contemporary approach to which the Foundation has accustomed us: the exhibitions of names like Meriem Bennani, Michaël Borremans, Christoph Büchel, Miranda July and Pino Pascali; then the new initiative from Human Brains is dedicated to neuroscience; and finally the proposal of the Godard cinema and the activities in the educational sector. “In the coming months, our institution will continue to try to look at current issues from multiple perspectives, involving artists from different generations and from heterogeneous contexts, in order to identify tools that challenge current opinions and help us think more deeply,” commented Miuccia Prada, President and Director of the Foundation.

The Fondazione Prada program between Milan, Tokyo and Shanghai

The program begins with the exhibition in the observatory of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan Miranda July: New Society, the first museum exhibition dedicated to the American artist of the same name, curated by Mia Locks. The new video will be presented in the exhibition program, which is open from March 7th to October 14th FAMILY (Falling apart while I love you) It traces 30 years of the artist, director and author's work between performances, new media and installations, in a magnificent examination of intimacy, between vulnerability and humor. The exhibition is accompanied by the first full retrospective of his filmography in Italy movie theater Godard (which will strengthen its activity in 2024), with the works Me and you and everyone we know (2005), The future (2011) e Kajillionaire (2020) as well as a selection of short films and unpublished works on the big screen. Between April and July, July's work will also be presented at the Prada Aoyama space in Tokyo.

Godard Cinema. Photo Patrick Neri Toomey

Prada Rong Zhai will then host the solo exhibition from March 22nd to May 14th The promise From Michael Borremans (Belgium, 1963), whose artworks are exhibited in the rooms of the historic residence from 1918 (which combines Eastern and Western traditions). Borremans' study emerges from the tour, presenting a selection of works that deal with the human condition, creating absurd juxtapositions and an ambiguous tension between technology and themes.

14 Prada Rong Zhai ph Agostino Osio What will the Prada Foundation do in Milan and Venice in 2024?  Pascali, Büchel, Miranda July and studies on the brain
Prada Rong Zhai. Photo Agostino Osio

Then it's time for a big retrospective at the headquarters in Milan Pino Pascali (Bari, 1935 – Rome, 1968), from March 28th to September 23rd. Curated by Mark Godfrey, the exhibition includes over 50 of the artist's works from museums and private collections in four sections: the first Environments, the interventions in the most important group exhibitions; Pascali and his sculptures in the photographs by Claudio Abate, Andrea Taverna and Ugo Mulas; Finally, there is a study of his use of natural and industrial materials. A new commission by the artist will also be presented in Milan from October 31, 2024 to February 24, 2025 Meriem Bennani (Morocco, 1988), with a large mechanical installation and an unreleased animated film (directed by Orian Barki and creatively produced by John Michael Boling and Jason Coombs) that uses anthropomorphic animals to explore the socio-political and cultural changes affecting the collective and personal emotions.

7 Prada Foundation Milan ph Alessandro Saletta and Agnese Bedini DSL Studio What will the Prada Foundation do in Milan and Venice in 2024?  Pascali, Büchel, Miranda July and studies on the brain
Prada Foundation Milan. Photo Alessandro Saletta and Agnese Bedini DSL Studio

Programs of the Fondazione Prada in Venice in the year of the Biennale

On the occasion of the 60th Art Biennale, the historian Ca' Corner della Regina Palace presents the great project from April 20th to November 24th Pawnshop created by the artist Christoph Büchel (Switzerland, 1966). Articulating a complex network of spatial, economic and cultural relationships, the work recreates the history of the palace since its construction in the 1720s. Back then, this was the home of the Venetian merchants Corner di San Cassiano, built on the ruins of the Gothic building where Caterina Cornaro, the future Queen of Cyprus, was born (three hundred years earlier). In 1800 the palace became the property of Pope Pius VI. (who transferred it to the Cavanis Fathers) and then became the seat of the Monte di Pietà of Venice until 1969 (hence the name of the work). The palace then housed the historical archive of the Venice Biennale from 1975 to 2010 and eventually developed into a cultural institution. In a multi-layered installation, Büchel examines the term “Debts“ as a foundation of society and an instrument of power, including historical and contemporary works, new exhibition interventions and a wide range of objects and documents. Also among the works on display The Diamond Maker (2020-), also by Büchel, a suitcase containing artificial diamonds, created by transforming the entire body of work in his possession (including works from his childhood and youth) and those of future creation.

4 Prada Foundation Venice ph Delfino Sisto Legnani and Marco Cappelletti What will the Prada Foundation do in Milan and Venice in 2024?  Pascali, Büchel, Miranda July and studies on the brain
Prada Foundation Venice. Photo Delfino Sisto Legnani and Marco Cappelletti

Also in Venice, as part of the scientific project Human brainsOn October 17th and 18th, the Foundation is organizing the second edition of an international conference and exhibition dedicated to the importance of prevention and timely intervention in the treatment of diseases Diseases neurodegenerative: a project that aims to implement concrete measures on this topic with the participation of 15 research institutes and international associations. In addition, the results of the first four phases will be available in a separate publication from February Human brains: the online conference Culture and consciousness (2020); the streaming discussion series conversations (2021-2022); the Venetian exhibition project It starts with an idea; and the Milan Forum and Exhibition Preserve the brain (both 2022).

3 Children's Academy ph Claudia Ferri What will the Prada Foundation do in Milan and Venice in 2024?  Pascali, Büchel, Miranda July and studies on the brain
Children's Academy. Photo Claudia Ferri

Fondazione Prada educational projects for 2024

The children's academy's free activities will finally resume with i Laboratories thematically of the weekend: The new cycle begins between February and April dreamscreated by the artist and photographer Ilaria TurbaBy June, the academy will be expanding its activities to include primary schools and kindergartens with the help of architects, educators, artists, scientists, directors and musicians. The winner of the seventh edition of the final prize, launched in 2018, will also be announced in June.

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