Stellar accounts for Meta and Amazon

It was the night of reckoning for the tech titans in the United States. Star numbers.
To everyone from Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram. Profits tripled to $14 billion in the final quarter of last year, sales rose 25% to $40.1 billion and a dividend was paid out for the first time.

At Amazon, too, the balance sheet is above expectations: sales rose by 14 percent to $170 billion in the quarter ending at Christmas compared to the previous year, and net profit amounted to $10.6 billion.

For Apple, the quarter showed results that exceeded forecasts in both revenue and profit, but also a 13% decline in sales in China. It is the only one of the three stocks to show a decline in pre-opening trading on Wall Street (-2.90%), with Meta leading the way at +15% and Amazon at +7%.

Overall, the Nasdaq index of technology stocks is expected to open higher, with the index future at +0.85%, following yesterday's growth of 1.30%.

In Italy yesterday, Ferrari shares shone: +9% and first place in terms of capitalization among the 40 stocks of the Ftse Mib. Today +0.45%. The move came after positive quarterly results. In 2023, sales increased by 17% and net profit exceeded one billion two hundred million euros. 250 new hires and a performance bonus for employees are planned for 2024, which can amount to up to 13,500 euros. There was also the news of Lewis Hamilton joining Ferrari in Formula 1.

The Milan stock exchange is trading at -0.05 percent at the start. The best index among the most important on the old continent is that of Frankfurt with +0.60%.

However, Asian stock markets were mixed overnight: the worst was Shanghai at -1.46%, the best was Seoul at +3.72%.

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