Spends £200 stuffing a hamster to look like a stripper: 'What's more iconic?'

Jess Porter Langsonan English girl, He stuffed his hamster. She spent around £200 on the operation: “I was amazed. In my head I thought I was going to have to tell the taxidermist to do it again and take my dead hamster apart again,” he said. But when I saw it, I was amazed. Wow, this is more than perfect! He did a really good job,” Jess explained in a video posted on his profile Tick ​​tock, which later went viral. However, the content represents a significant detail that makes many users of the platform turn up their noses.

The creator wanted the hamster to take on the appearance of a stripper at all costs. “I don’t even know where the story is Stripper hamster“But I thought, 'What's more iconic than a hamster on a stripper pole making money?'” the girl continued, as also reported by New York Times. Before proceeding with the implementation of the controversial idea, the Tiktoker wanted to talk about it with her friends: “I first suggested the idea to my friends and I asked if it was morally questionable or a good idea and everyone said I had to do it. He deserves it,” Langson said.

It can be seen in the content posted by the girl the little animal Hammy wears fuchsia-colored panties and leans against a pole. Everything surrounded by banknotes. The hamster had been an “emotional support” for Jess during her “formative” years, when she moved to London alone at the age of 20. “In the end, he lived a really long time. I only got the hamsters because they live to be one or two years old and that’s all I can commit to.”

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