“Something went wrong after Kate Middleton's surgery. The situation was so serious that everyone knew something was wrong.”

The abdominal surgery Kate Middleton It doesn't seem to have gone well. “I spoke unofficially to an aide from the royal household and They assure me that something went wrong postoperatively“: said the Spanish journalist Concha Calleja. “The situation in general was so bad that everyone knew something was wrong, and that's why the royal family decided to send these two statements.” And again: “The last time we saw her was at Christmas dinner and from then on she became sick. It wasn't the first time he'd gotten sick, but it was the most worrying. “Kate was hospitalized on December 28th and was under medical care for several days,” Calleja continued.

As also reported by Kensington PalaceFrom (approximately) Easter, the Princess of Wales will once again attend engagements and gallant visits. Kate is currently being monitored at the London Clinic Hospital King Charles that he had proactively spoken out about his surgery in order to put some spotlight on Middleton's (delicate) situation.

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