She gives birth to her son in a McDonald's parking lot in the middle of a snowstorm: “Now we'll call him McFlurry”

’s story is making the rounds on the internet and social media Analysis Beck, a 25-year-old from Wisconsin. In fact, the pregnant woman gave birth in the parking lot of a McDonald's in the middle of a snowstorm, and that's how the little one, who was born last January 12, earned the nickname today McFlurrylike the fast food chain's famous dessert.

On January 11, the woman went into labor around 11 p.m. She thought it was a false alarm, but a few moments later her water broke. That's why the 25-year-old asked her husband Daniel to take her to the hospital immediately. However, the little one couldn't wait to be born. The 25-year-old is already the mother of three children, as she said Fox News Digital, While driving, she asked her husband to stop. “I felt like I was sitting on the baby’s head,” Analysia told Today. In the middle of the storm, Daniel walked into the parking lot of a McDonald's and sat in the back seat with his wife. “I pushed three times and it came out,” Analysia said. “The paramedic barely made it, but they got there in time to catch him.” The couple decided to name their son Micah, but the little one is now called “McFlurry,” in honor of the chain's famous ice cream. “Between Storm From Snow “We think that’s very fitting for McDonald’s!” said Analysia.

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