Sanremo 2024, Geolier and the case of the “Tutorial” in Neapolitan with instructions on how to vote: “5 votes for each number, you know what to do”. The video is controversial

How did Geolier win cover night? Sanremo Festival 2024? Many people have been asking this question on social media since last night, complaining about the second place that Angelina Mango took with her exciting interpretation of “La rondine” by Papa Pino Mango. And so on the one hand he had great success with the song “I am for me, you are for yourself”On the other hand, the Neapolitan rapper finds himself in the crosshairs of criticism. On the eve of today's final, February 10th, the video tutorial of the singer from Secondigliano, published on February 8th, came into the spotlight on his social profiles, explaining how to vote for him and where to give him 2.2 Millions of followers follow Instagram and 473,000 follow TikTok.

THE TELEVOTING TUTORIAL – The Neapolitan rapper knows how to do it. On Instagram, Geolier – as the always attentive Selvaggia Lucarelli pointed out – showed step by step how televoting works: “We have 5 televotes for each phone number. I already knew it then,” writes Emanuele Palumbo – that’s his real name – on a video in which he shows exactly how to vote for him.”All phones like this (with all SIMs).),” he underlines, showing the messages he sent with the code combined with his song. And apparently The foolproof tutorial had the desired effect. A direct and simple way to ask to be chosen without further ado. In short, the easiest method to show how to cast 5 votes for each sim on the phone. Of course, this is not something illegal and is not prohibited by the regulation; rather, it is a practice of “aggressive marketing, but legitimate until proven otherwise“, as Lucarelli commented. Let us remember, among other things, that similar controversies have already been seen in the past, especially in 2022 when Fedez competed at the festival together with Francesca Michielin: at that time the media power of the Ferragnez and their ability to influence thousands of fans.

The double victory in a row – In fact, the video published by Geolier on February 8 initially did not attract much attention. The spotlight has turned to the upheaval of his positioning in the rankings since televoting began to take hold. For those who haven't followed the festival (few, considering the numbers it records): in the early evening – the one with the voices of the press, TV and web – Geolier wasn't even in the top five. From the second, however everything has changed. That means since televoting has any weight at all. The Neapolitan rapper took first place on the second night and won the cover evening award.

THE BOOSTS, THE CONTROVERSY AND GEOLIER’S ANSWER – From here i whistles the Ariston crowd that attended his win Friday night. Amadeus' announcement was actually accompanied by loud dissatisfaction in the audience, and the audience even started to leave while he gave an encore to the medley with Gue, Luchè and Gigi D'Alessio. In fact, many disputed the final ranking, arguing that Angelina Mango deserved to win instead of her and that televoting had an undue influence on the podium result. During today's press conference, he responded like this: “I don't know what to say. I have a fan base that has always supported me, always, not just in Sanremo. I just played.”

HOW THE VOTING SYSTEM WORKS – This year, in addition to the traditional televoting, a radio jury was added to the press room, TV and web jury, replacing the demographic jury. On the evening of the duets, 34% went to televoting, 33% to the press room, TV and web jury, as well as to the radio jury. Tonight all 30 competing songs will be heard again. Only televoting will judge them. At the end we find out the overall ranking for all five evenings. The votes will be reset and the first five big names in the competition will be subject to a new vote – by the three juries – which will ultimately decide the winner of the 74th edition of the Sanremo Festival. Who knows whether Geolier will again take the forceful and direct approach that has already won him votes tonight? What is certain is that it belongs to him “I p’me, you p’te” is currently the favorite TikTok community with 28,500 published videos (Data updated February 10 at 7:00 a.m.).

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