Salis case, Salvini's words and his father Roberto's comment: “Missing statements”

“Everything is fine, but statements of this kind cannot be made. Salvini's departure seemed out of place to me”: Liquidate like this Roberto SalisIlaria's father, the infrastructure minister's statements, Matteo SalviniAccording to which, if the 39-year-old activist is found guilty, “it is absurd that she continues to be a teacher.”

The league's leader, in a post on The reference is to the February 2017 episode in which – according to the league – Salis is said to have been involved in the attack on two Northern League militants in Monza. Episode in which the woman's lawyer intervened immediately, Eugenio Loscowho clarified: “As for the case that Salvini mentioned, there is one acquittalso they are all Inaccuracies and everything lie“. The lawyer added: “Ilaria was acquitted because she did not commit the crime. the league from Monza It was possible to found a citizens' party included and he didn't“.

In addition, it says in the acquittal to which the lawyer Losco, Ilaria, refers Salis prevented the violence against the League's banquet from continuing. He put his “arm behind the back of a young man who had just thrown the Northern League flag to the ground, as if inviting him to continue the procession.” That's what the judge wrote Maria Letizia Borlone of the Court of Monza in the reasons for the judgment, which was based in particular on the photo and video images taken on February 18, 2017. In addition, according to the same decision of the court, none of the defendants “were involved in the criminal proceedings.” was committed by those accompanying the procession, and it does not appear that it gave them any encouragement or moral support.”

Comments from the opposition, from the Democratic Party to Avs to Italia Viva

“What a true guarantor, Matteo Salvini. What a brave commander: he does it State bullying against an Italian woman imprisoned abroad who is awaiting trial and is therefore innocent until the final verdict. She cannot answer the charges because she was imprisoned by Orban, Giorgia Meloni's best friend. And like any tyrant, Salvini uses every means to attack the poor victim: even that Fake news about the attack on the pavilion the league, even Ilaria's professional life. And then they come to talk to us about guarantees,” comments the secretary of +Europe, Riccardo Magi.

The words of go in the same direction Democratic Party Secretary Elly Schleinfor which “the League, instead of fighting to avoid trampling on the dignity of an Italian citizen, has already decided on guilt before the verdict is announced and imposes it other chains on the wrists and ankles by Ilaria Salis, who recalls allegations on which she has already been acquitted. In this nostalgia for the Middle Ages where the presumption of innocence disappears“Salvini” makes “statements of unbearable paternalism, but If he claims that someone accused of assault cannot be a teacher, one might ask him how someone accused of kidnapping can be a pastor“.

Increase the dose Angelo Bonellithe Green Party, which he quotes the case of the two Italian marines Prisoners in India, for whom the League fought for them to return to Italy to serve their sentences: “Years ago, Salvini devoted all his forces to bringing back to Italy the marines held in India for the killing of two fishermen; while Ilaria Salis, accused of beating two neo-Nazis, with a 5-day forecast, whose accusations are rejected and not supported by any witness statements, must be tried in Hungary under the inhumane conditions that all the newspapers have shown us . Two weights and two measures“.

Finally the senator Enrico BorghiGroup leader of Italia Viva in the Senate emphasized that “in democracies every citizen is innocent until a final judgment has been made and crimes, not ideas, are tried.” Obviously, These principles are obsolete for the leagueto failure in primary school Principles of Guaranteeism. Which only applies to Salvini in his casewhen he appears before the judges in Palermo, but they must not be applied to other Italian citizens who have the mistake of thinking differently.” Borghi concludes by noting that Salis “has fundamental rights that must be respected and guaranteed.” Firstly, from the Italian government and from a deputy prime minister who swore by the Italian constitution and not the Hungarian one.”

And the case reaches the Strasbourg parliament

A debate on this issue is scheduled to take place in the plenary session of the European Chamber on Monday afternoon, preceded by a speech by a representative of the EU Commission. We learn this from parliamentary sources who assume that the agenda will be adopted at the conference of group leaders this afternoon. The debate should be added to the agenda on Monday, immediately after the opening of the meeting.

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