Risks up to 12 years

The trial begins in Barcelona in which former Barcelona and Juventus footballer Dani Alves is accused of rape. Accused of sexual violence against a young woman in the bathroom of a nightclub in the Catalan capital in December 2022. The public prosecutor's office is demanding a 9-year prison sentence and the payment of 150,000 euros in damages for the former footballer, a request from the civil party increases the maximum sentence to 12 years .

Section 12 of the Barcelona Court has set aside three days of trial for the Brazilian, who has been in preventive detention since January 1, 2023. The arrest came after a 23-year-old girl accused him of sexually and violently attacking her on the night of December 30, 2022. The Brazilian changed his account of the events several times, first denying the facts and then claiming that they were about a consensual sexual relationship.

The lawyers defending the footballer, Ines Guardiola and Miraida Puente Wilson, are calling for Alves' acquittal on the grounds that it was not a case of rape and that the relationship was consensual and, in the event of a conviction, that there would be additional mitigating circumstances for him If the football player is in a state of intoxication, the damage would be compensated after he had already paid 150,000 euros as a deposit for the damages. A defense of punishment cannot be ruled out.

According to the prosecutor's account, which fully corresponds to the complainant's account, Dani Alves invited the young woman and her friends to drink champagne in a private room of the nightclub and, after talking and dancing, at around 3:20 a.m. invited the victim in one private bathroom where “he began touching her with a lascivious spirit and with the clear intention of satisfying his sexual desire.” Faced with the girl's refusal and pleas to let her go, he beat and raped her. The trial is the focus of great media anticipation with over 270 accredited journalists. The images that are transmitted internally are not allowed to be distributed, with the exception of those of the player sitting in the dock shortly before the trial begins

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