Police ban neo-Nazi rally on Day of Honor and march in the forest

The Hungarian authorities have Neo-Nazi march banned scheduled for this morning Budapest on the occasion of the “Day of honorBut the organizers still want to hold the event in the surrounding forests. “Let’s not give up, this city is ours,” he told the website Kuruc.info the leader of the right-wing extremist formation “Legion Hungaria“, who organizes the celebration, Bela Incze, outlines the alternative path chosen to avoid a clash with the police, who are present with large forces in the center of the Hungarian capital.

As is well known, it was at last year's meeting Ilaria Salis She traveled to Budapest, was arrested there and has been in custody ever since on charges of involvement in the physical attack on two right-wing extremists. “The pictures of Budapest speak for themselves and confirm the family's fears about following the advice of the Italian authorities,” he comments Roberto SalisIlaria's father, about the mural that depicts her hanged woman, which appeared in connection with the neo-fascist celebrations in Budapest. Salis refers to security fears in the event of house arrest in Hungary for the 39-year-old, who has been in prison for a year.

The event, which attracts neo-Nazis from many European countries every year, will continue to take place Participants in military uniforms and neo-Nazi flags, the site reports. “Honor Day” celebrates the escape attempt Buda Castle In the (1945 by Nazi troops and Hungarian fascists, in which About 20,000 fighters died. It was also learned that another neo-Nazi organization “Blood and honor Hungary“ organized a concert on private property, which was also banned by the police.

Clashes break out between protesters and law enforcement in Rome

About a hundred, including students and anarchists, attempted to reach the Hungarian embassy in Rome with a spontaneous procession blocked by the police. After moments of tension, smoke bombs and chants against the police, the attacks came Clashes.

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