La Zanzara, former mayor of the Lega Nord, shows his X-Mas supporter: “Italian pride, I would have fought with the RSI.” Clash with Porec

Former Northern League member (now independent), Mayor of Pennabilli (Rimini) and big fan of the general Vannacciwhose book he presented in his small town of 2,800 people (“out of his own pocket, not with the community’s money”), Mauro Giannini returns to the show The mosquito (Radio24) to once again spread his word about homosexuality, abortion, but above all fascism.

Already sued for seditionArcigay of Rimini for some sentences uttered in the same program on the subject of homosexuality (“If I had a gay son, I wouldn't be happy, but I can't kill him. Gay marriages are not normal, God said 'go and multiply', don't 'go'.” and take it up the ass *o”), the mayor of Pennabilli is a regular on questionable excursions: once he had himself immortalized riding a donkey with an ax, another time he proudly declared: “I was born in a black shirt and will die in a black shirt“. Only to then remedy the situation with triple pike jumps and claim that he is not a fascist but a D'Annunzio.

Alla Zanzara tries again, this time presenting the pendant she wears around her neck: the symbol of the X Mas and a fasces with the M of the Mussolini Battalion. The indignant reaction of one of the hosts was inevitable, David Porečwhich screams disgusting.
But Giannini remains adamant: “I’ve been wearing the X-Mas pendant for 30 years. You are our heroes, Christmas is true Italian pride“.
“What a shame – comments Parenzo – X Mas fought with the Germans, with the invaders.”
“War is war,” says the former Lega Nord member.
“A mayor cannot walk around with the pin of an army that fought with Hitler,” repeats Parenzo, who calls on Cruciani to throw away the pendant.
“No – demands the mayor – Italian pride must not be thrown away. I remember the Germans were on the run and there is a military saying: “Bridges are made of gold, you don't shoot the enemy who is fleeing.” And they still retreated.
“They escaped thanks to the dogs that fought alongside them,” replies the handler. “Nothing but heroes.” They were criminals.”

When Cruciani asks him who he would go with, Giannini has no doubts: “I would have been with the RSI because they defended the flag“.
“So he would have been on the Nazi side,” notes Cruciani.
“But it is not possible – comments Parenzo – That is, you would have gone with someone dressed as a Nazi (Benito Mussolini, Ed)”.
“Let this passage be clear – replies Giannini – I am not a Nazi.”
“You don’t know anything,” replies the journalist.
“But in her opinion With Mussolini in government, Italy would be better off today?” asks Cruciani
“With the politicians we certainly have now – replies the Romagna politician – He made a lot of mistakes, but also a lot of good and right things. I would certainly have joined the RSI during this time for the honor of Italy. Porec doesn't know what it means to be a patriot. The flag is not a rag, but an ideal and a soul.”

The controversy also flares up again Battalion “M”.Letter on the mayor's trailer.
“‘M’ stands for shit – comments Parenzo – But how can someone who is completely fascist run a city?“.
I am a D'Annunzio – affirms Giannini – And in any case, there were many good things in fascism.”
Parenzo blames Cruciani: “If the mayor of Pennabilli came to Radio24 and showed a medal with the photo of Toto RiinaWhen he said that he had also done some good, the community would be placed under the commissioner's authority the next day. They allow a mayor elected in a democratic republic created thanks to the partisans to praise Mussolini's Christmas, the “shit” battalion. With all due respect, this mayor is an idiot.
The journalist adds: “This mayor also swore an oath to the constitution. So I hope that the President of the Republic will take action“.
“I respect the laws and the Italian Constitution – affirms Giannini – I do not go out of line.”
“There is the signature of Palmiro Togliatti Do you know anything about this constitution?” asks Parenzo.
“What does that mean? – answers the mayor – Communism has certainly caused more damage than fascism. In this sense, the data is safe.”

Giannini then pours out more pearls, such as those on homosexuality: “I agree with Vannacci when he says that if he had a gay son, he would lead him to heterosexuality. I would also talk to him and make him understand what normality is, I can't kill him. Obviously it's a figure of speech. But I would try to push him towards heterosexuality by showing him some beautiful beauties.
And he adds: “I suggest setting up a day dedicated to heterosexuality, because these days, at this rate, heterosexuality becomes just a memory. The world cannot move forward without heterosexuals. If everyone were gay, the world would die out. It's mathematics. Does the Pope want to bless gay couples? But what do homosexuals have to do with religion? The Pope has now become head of the Democratic Party“.
And on the subject of abortion he remains adamant: “I am against it, condoms must be used.” I used them when I was young.
“Yes, he has it in his head,” comments Parenzo.

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