“Is Fratelli d'Italia anti-fascist?” replies MP Rampelli with a twist. Pharaoh's irony: “It was enough to say yes…”. On La7

Peppery collision a omnibus (La7) between the co-director of Micromega, Cinzia Sciutoand the deputy of Brothers of Italy, Fabio Rampelli, to the neo-fascist demonstrations Acca Larentia.
Sciuto observes this Brothers of Italy has never distanced itself from the fascist past and describes the constant demands of politics and public opinion as “coddling”. Giorgia Meloni because he distances himself from his story: “Among other things, he always found a way to avoid the topic.”
And after remembering that ours Constitution Born thanks to the resistance, he asks Rampelli directly: “Is Fratelli d'Italia an anti-fascist party?“.

The Vice President of the Chamber of Deputies is silent for a few seconds, then sticks to a premise, but is interrupted by the moderator Alessandra Sardoni who explains: “Rampelli, I really have to apologize to you, but I'm 8 minutes late and have to do the commercial.”
The former deputy of Italy Long live Davide Faraonewho ironically attacks both Rampelli and Sardoni: “Just say yes or no and then the advertising begins“.
The host prefers to call the commercial break anyway, and Rampelli blurts out to Faraone: “You could have answered for me.”

When the program is broadcast again, the Fdi parliamentarian finally answers Sciuto's question: “For our part, the mayorThere is a desire for a so-called historical anti-fascism because it is anchored in the constitution. It is different Militant anti-fascism which passed through all the years of leadership and was manifested in the execution of the two young people in the Acca Larentia massacre and many others. There is a sidereal distance between us and this anti-fascism. However – he continues and turns to the Micromega journalist – I do not accept these pathetic attempts to teach lessons. And what is being done? Are we preaching well and scratching badly? Since the Prime Minister is now Giorgia Meloni, the leader of the FDI, we have to expect something from this government D'Alema, Prodi, Gentiloni, Letta, Draghi, Monti, Conte They have not?”.
“Well, it would be a good sign,” comments Cinzia Sciuto with a smile.

Rampelli accuses the journalist's criticism of hypocrisy and adds: “We're always waiting for that.” The Italian left declares itself anti-communist. Who knows if it will ever happen“.
“That has nothing to do with our history,” Sciuto replies. There has never been a totalitarian communist-style regime in Italy. Therefore, it is the classic technique of throwing the ball into the stands without taking responsibility.”
Rampelli replies: “No, there is a European history to which we belong. From a geopolitical perspective it is also important to define yourself as an anti-communist“.
The brawl is interrupted again by Sardoni to give the sentence Andrea Pancani with his coffe break.

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