“Inhumane conditions, rats and buckets of water, inedible food”

“Inhumane” hygienic conditionsmice and bugs, “inedible” food and even penalties like that Bucket of water or the “Escape“, which consists of being locked in a cage mounted in the cell and looking at the ceiling all day.

These are the most important details of the dramatic story of Carmen GiorgioThe Cellmate From Ilaria Salis In Hungaryinterviewed by Massimo Gramellini on his program last night In other wordsaired on A7, who spoke of a situation that “has nothing to do with the European Union.” Describing life in prison, Carmen Giorgio not only recalled that Ilaria received the package sent from home “after five months,” but also said, “We spent 23 hours a day in the cell.” There was airtime but they asked us to choose between air and shower“. Carmen Giorgio again: “Ilaria prepared for the promotion competition and learned Hungarian because she was convinced that this mistake would be discovered as quickly as possible,” was the accusation that earned her a prison sentence.

Carmen Giorgio, who was in Budapest for a “working vacation,” was accused of human trafficking on June 24, 2023 because “I had people with non-European passports in the car.” In Hungary it is a crime. In prison, under “inhumane” hygienic conditions and food, Carmen He shared the cell with Ilaria and six other women: “We became friends. She thought about leaving early because it is something that is neither in heaven nor on earth. Furthermore, Salis' prison mate told about the punishment she received along with Ilaria and the others due to the behavior of one of them was imposed: “Buckets of water in the cell, where we were then allowed to return to clean“.

“Psychologically we were at rock bottom,” concluded Giorgio, adding: “I told her: Ilaria, defend yourself! Get the media involved! And you: No, I don't want to ruin relations between Italy and Hungary. The last time I saw her was in January, a few days before I went out I told her: Ilaria, I'll help you out, if you have to pay, come to Italy“.


The Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio

Nordio: “Pain and surprise at the pictures of Salis in chains”

In an interview with Pressthe Minister of Justice, Carlo Nordiohe said he tried”deep pain and surprise” Ilaria Salis seen in a courtroom with handcuffs and chains. “The restraint measures have not been abolished, but they are an exception. On this point, European and Italian legislation is very clear: the defendant appears free before the judge unless the judge orders coercive measures such as handcuffs or very sad cages to avert the risk of escape or violence,” explains the owner of Via Arenula. He emphasizes: “In the case of Ilaria Salis, I don’t really believe that these dangers existed.”

The Seal Keeper explains: “As long as the test lasts, The Hungarian jurisdiction is sovereign. Neither the Hungarian nor the Italian government can intervene.” And he adds: “yes, it can However working on before Correctional treatmentso that European standards are met.” According to Nordio: “Experience shows that if you really want to achieve a concrete result, you should do this.” Be careful, without causing controversy which could irritate the other party and have the opposite effect. That is what my colleague Tajani and our government are doing. I personally explained everything to Ilaria's father at the meeting on January 23rd. However, I have assured him of our support and will come back tomorrow to update him on the situation.”

Elly Schlein in Abruzzo to support the election campaign of presidential candidate Luciano D'AmicoHandle

Elly Schlein in Abruzzo to support the election campaign of presidential candidate Luciano D'Amico

Schelin: “Ilaria doesn’t do anything about Nordio’s surprise”

The Secretary of the Democratic Party responded to the Attorney General's words: Elly Schlein, who replied: “Ilaria Salis, nothing will be done about Nordio’s pain and surprise. Neither you nor your family. We'd like to see one instead much stronger and more concrete commitment on the part of the government, perhaps embarrassed by theFriendship between Meloni and Orban. But I saw that she was very happy to welcome him into her political family, despite the images that damaged Ilaria’s dignity across Europe.”

The PD leader spoke from Abruzzo, where she supports the candidacy of Luciano D'Amico in the next regional elections on March 10th. “We want them to commit to ensuring that his dignity is no longer violated. “What we saw, the chains with the leash, is not civil law,” concluded Schlein, “and we would like to hear a much stronger voice from the minister, who is doing everything to guarantee his rights.” We still have that not heard.”

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