In the case of cultured meat, the EU completed the assessment of the Italian law ahead of schedule

The European Commission concluded the procedure early Tris procedure (The acronym stands for Sinformation system on technical regulations) in connection with Italian law which prohibits this Production and marketing of cultured meat and prevents the use of terms meat sounds (i.e. they refer to animal meat) for products based on plant proteins. The focus of the motivation published by the union executive board is the challenge to the Violation of a European directive and a request for an accounting of developments in the bill.

Article 6 of EU Directive 2015/1535 requires Member States to inform the Commission of all draft technical regulations before their adoption. From the date of notification of the draft, there is a three-month standstill period during which the Member State cannot adopt the regulation in question, allowing the Commission and the other Member States to examine the notified text and respond appropriately. If it turns out that projects could undermine Community principles such as the free movement of goods, the Commission may issue a detailed opinion to which the Member State must respond. In the past The EU Court of Justice has ruled that laws passed in breach of the procedure can be declared inapplicable by national courts.

In the case of the Cultured Meat Act The government withdrew the provision from the proceedings before the approval by the Italian Parliament, to which the Commission invited the Member State to “inform it of the follow-up measures taken, also in the light of the relevant case-law of the Court of Justice”, adding that “there are no further measures at this stage”. Commission comments”

“The completion of the process means that this law is peacefully in force“, commented the Minister of Agriculture Francesco Lollobrigida, which states: “The closure means that the compatibility of the law with the principles of EU law on the internal market has been definitively established by the European Commission.” Otherwise, the Commission would have issued a detailed opinion regardless of the notification methods. No infringement procedure will therefore be initiated, nor will Italy be asked to repeal the law. The Commission simply asks to be informed about the application of the law by national judges.”

The opposition expresses contrasting assessments: Stefano Vaccari, parliamentary group leader Democratic Party In the Chamber's Agriculture Committee, he argued that “this time the European Union train conductor stops Minister Lollobrigida's convoy and returns the letter to the sender.” Bluff law on cultured meat. A international fool Italy could have avoided that. A law has been imposed on Parliament that is now not inapplicable, against which the courts will probably intervene and initiate costly infringement proceedings.” Senators and representatives of the agricultural commissions also speak of a “real fool of the government”. 5 Star Movement They write: “We were right about cultured meat: the law that was avant-garde for our government is.” died before she was even born. Currently it prohibits something that has not yet been approved and is therefore completely useless. But once cultured meat receives EU approval, the law applies will not be applicable“. For Riccardo Magi, Secretary of +Europe“Lollobrigida passed a law to ban cultured meat, but in the end the only thing that was banned was Lollobrigida's law. It was foreseeable that it would end like this. Don't try to say the EU is ugly and bad: the cultured meat ban was and is an ideological, anti-scientific, anti-European and illiberal regulation. And in fact Science and law won“.

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