In Bangkok, Sullivan Yi sees “open and constructive discussions”

Maybe there even is one Call between the US President Joe Biden and the Chinese Xi Jinpingaccording to the White House note on the meeting Bangkok between the US National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivanand Beijing's top diplomat, Wang Yiaccording to which “the two parties commit themselves to upholding the agreement.” strategic communication channel and to conduct further diplomacy and Advice at the highest level in key sectors between the United States and the People's Republic of China.” After that meeting in Thailand, actually Discussions between the two representatives of the governments of Beijing and Washington are determined by the White House.sincere, substantial and constructive“. Discussions about global and regional problems“including those related to Russia’s war on Ukraine, the Middle East, North Korea, the South China Sea and Burma,” the White House specifies.


President Joe Biden with Chinese President Xi Jinping

“Although the United States and China compete, both countries must compete prevent the situation from becoming a conflict or confrontation“Sullivan emphasized during the meeting. The two sides, the statement continued, discussed next steps on a number of issues Areas of collaborationaddressed at the Biden-Xi summit last November in Woodside, California.

Sullivan and Wang Yi “acknowledged recent progress in the recovery of military communications and emphasized the importance of maintaining these channels. They also discussed next steps toward U.S.-China dialogueartificial intelligence in the spring.” The two executives also “welcomed the progress.” Cooperation against drug traffickingincluding the launch of the U.S.-China Counternarcotics Working Group on January 30.” Finally, the National Security Advisor emphasized “the importance of maintaining peace and stability” in the Strait Taiwan.

Meanwhile, Trump is preparing a trade war with Beijing

All these good intentions are being destroyed by them, he writes Washington Post, would be Donald Trump's intentions if he were re-elected to the White House. The former president is actually reportedly preparing one New trade war with Chinawhat it could have Impact on a global scale. Publicly, the US newspaper reports, the Republican candidate for the White House supports Beijing's revocation of the status “most favored nation” for trading, which could lead to this Federal tariffs on Chinese imports by over 40%. However, the tycoon had privately discussed with his entourage the possibility of implementing such a measure “Blatant tariff” of 60% on all imported Chinese products. Trump has also raised the possibility 10% tariffs on goods imported from all countriesincluding China, for a total value of almost 3000 billion per year. All options that would trigger an earthquake in the US economy and those of other countries, with consequences far more serious than the trade wars they trigger The Donald in the first semester.

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