“If Lollobrigida does not receive us, we will enter the city”

In the end an agreement was reached: On the evening of the 9th Friday, tomorrow, AmadeusModerator and artistic director of 74th Sanremo Festival of Italian Songs, A statement from the farmers will be read out who are protesting throughout Italy and abroad against the sectoral policies of the European Union. Protesters from the agricultural sector lined up principal and organize Processions of tractors for over a week now. They won't go on stage Ariston TheaterThat is why the representatives of Riscattoagricoltura came to the Ligurian city to “invade” the most important Italian television event of the year and bring their concerns to the stage.

Arriving at dawn in the hamlet of Bussana, the seven tractor drivers set off from Melegnano yesterday evening. After traveling 240 km, they stopped near the flower market. They then set off again and were accompanied by the police towards the center, where the Ariston Theater is located. Now They reached the Trento and Trieste walk in the presence of the Ercolina cow with the calf Giulia. Police and Digos are present.

“We have not reached an agreement with Rai, but now they cannot withdraw the invitation, they would not make a good impression,” Filippo Goglio, one of the leaders of the Riscatto Agricolo movement that left Melegnano last night, told LaPresse. “Our goal is to enter the Ariston stage. Davide Pedrotti, one of the movement's leaders, confirmed this to Adnkronos. “Just 5 minutes to explain our reasons to the Italian citizens.” But exactly as said above, the square was found.

But it is Rome the “still hot” front of protest: “If we don’t have answers “Our tractors will leave the garrison and travel freely to Rome.”. He says it Andrea Popeone of the leaders of agricultural rehabilitation spoke of a “ultimatum” to the Minister of Agriculture Francesco Lollobrigida. “We want a meeting with the minister, but no one has contacted us yet – adds Pope -, tomorrow's demonstration in San Giovanni is the only positive result of these days and tomorrow morning our ten tractors will leave the garrison accompanied by the police.” But if the minister does not respond to the ultimatum that will be given on Saturday at As 12 p.m. expires, he concludes, the tractors will be “free to drive around the city.”

“Many farmers are dissatisfied and anger is growing, but we want to go home with a result.” We definitely don't want to cause any inconvenience to the Romans” adds another exponent, Salvatore Fais, which speaks of a “path” to get to “a meeting with the Minister Lollobrigida” on Saturday and emphasizes that after the demonstration in San Giovanni “the garrison will not be disbanded: tractors come from Rieti, Tarquinia and Benevento” . As for Giuliano Castellino's participation in the protest, Fois explains that his movement is “far from politics and far from him.” “It will be the people,” he concludes, “who will decide who represents them.”

Now approx Seventy tractors left the Passo Corese garrison to get to the concentration on Nomentana, where just as many fellow pawns will be waiting for them. This begins the at least two kilometer long queue on the Salaria with vehicles ready to approach Rome.

Sicily, Basilicata and Sardinia the “hot fronts”

Protest by farmers in the communities Partinico, Montelepre, Terrasini And Cute in the Palermo area with an announced and approved demonstration. I am Interchanges closed on the Palermo-Mazara del Vallo route to Partinico and Terrasini. The farmers gathered this morning in Partinico and drove their tractors along the state road 113 towards Palermo up to Terrasini, causing inconvenience to road traffic.

About a hundred tractors set out this morning, a Performance, from the meeting point next to the Basentana state road to the institutional headquarters of the Regional Council of Basilicata. A very long caravan is crossing an important area of ​​the Lucanian capital, inevitably affecting urban traffic, which will culminate with the mobilization strike and the delivery of a document listing the requests to the Lucanian Assembly. This includes the creation of a technical table, involving mainly sector actors, to study appropriate measures for the Lucanian agricultural sector; There Reducing the price of diesel agriculture and water for use in agriculture; appropriate means of compensating for loss of income from agricultural production; the establishment of a protection authority to set product prices.

However, you will be leaving on the first flight to Rome tomorrow morning Shepherds She Sardinian farmers who will take part in the great national demonstration in Piazza San Giovanni tomorrow. “There will be about a hundred of us from Sardinia,” explains Roberto Congia, one of the speakers of the protest on the island, to ANSA, “and we will express, with our presence and our banners, the voice and protest of our campaigns.”

Inconveniences all over Spain, but the tractors are leaving Barcelona

On the third day of the peasant mobilizations The protest spreads to Spain. In addition to independent farmers, the main agricultural professional associations Asaja, Coag and Upa are joining today and have announced a calendar of events in various provinces of the country until February 27, to which the Union de Uniones has also joined.

TO Barcelonawhere they arrived yesterday 1,250 tractors After spending the night on the road, a convoy of about a hundred heavy vehicles blocked the central Gran Via and Diagonal on the way to the Catalan Parliament in La Ciudadela Park, traffic police said. But now A few hours ago the farmers began to leave the cityafter some of their representatives met with the Catalan authorities.

Meetings with local authorities are underway or planned in other parts of the country, while traffic protests and blockades on roads and highways continue in at least six regions. “We are at a point where the police must intervene when these protests or demonstrations bring the country to a standstill“ commented the transport minister in an interview, Oscar Puente.

Contacts between demonstrators and policeAttacks at least during some garrisons four arrests and a police officer was injured in the face. According to Spanish media, the most exciting incidents occurred in northern cities such as Oviedo, Logrono, Victoria And Pamplona. It is said that the police acted at least twice in Oviedo to prevent demonstrators from entering the regional palace of the Principality of Asturias El Comercio. Two people were arrested in the province Burgosduring an attempt to occupy the carriageway of the A1 motorway, while two other people ended up in handcuffs during another blockade attempt in the province of Almería, while in Zafra, Extremadura, a Civil Guard officer was injured by a rockfall.

There are still road closures from north to south of the peninsula. In Navarre (North), around thirty tractors were concentrated in front of the house of the President of the regional government, Maria Civite, protected by a police cordon, as the images captured by TVE show. Lines of tractors block traffic on the main road between Barcelona and Madrid. And they paralyze the nodes of blood circulation Castileon the eastern side of the peninsula, in the Vall D'Alba, as well as in the regionExtremadurain the province of Palencia, informs the traffic police.

Interrupted for the third day the highway that connects Seville, Andalusia, with Cadiz. The farmers' aim is to block some of the most important logistics centers, such as the port of Castellon and Jerez airport. Major agricultural associations are calling for a unified approach to demand flexibility in European environmental legislation, fairer trade deals with countries outside the EU and aid for the drought-related crisis, Asaja reports in a statement.

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