Here are the new entries in the Istat shopping cart

China is getting closer and closer, also according to Istat. So much so that in the new consumption basket, updated as every year for 2024, has entered one of the workhorses of the marketing of restaurant activities managed by members of the Chinese communities in Italy: the “all you can eat” menu (now also under known by the acronym “ayce”).

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Water aerobics lessons

Other products in the shopping cart, which reflect the purchasing habits of Italians, include devices for dehumidifying and purifying the air and to counteract the hottest times of the year, Air conditioning systems. The smart light bulb and the laminate floor are the other new additions.

Italians' increasing attention to body care and shape is signaled by their entry into the basket Water aerobics course, football and five-a-side football courses, tennis and padel courses. In addition, the hair straightener, electric shaver and bed warmer are also presented. The “cultural arts training course” appears as a new aggregation under cultural services. And the Vittoria grape and the Kanzi apple also come into play as foods.

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electric hair straightener

Instead, the device for monitoring vital functions, the electric hair and beard trimmer and unfortunately also the e-book reader leave the basket. A sign that these products are less representative than others.

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Tennis course

Every year, Istat reviews the list of products that make up the reference basket for measuring consumer prices, while updating the collection techniques and weights with which the different products contribute to the measurement of inflation.

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air conditioner

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