Hamas: “Attack against Israel necessary, but the chaos has caused some mistakes.” The army: “Tunnel where 20 hostages were held” found

A 16-page document, the group's first public report on Operation Al Aqsa Flood in more than three months, mentioned the Oct. 7 attack on Israel “A necessary step“, but the “chaos” that followed provoked some “Mistake“. The text, reported to Al Jazeera, said the attack was “a necessary step and the normal response to Israeli conspiracies against the Palestinian people.” “Perhaps – Hamas admits – some mistakes were made in the operation due to the rapid collapse of the security system and the Israeli military and the case along the border areas with Gaza.” The Palestinian terrorist group then claims that the aim of the attack was “to put an immediate end to Israeli aggression in Gaza and to the crimes and ethnic cleansing against the entire Palestinian population In the document, Hamas reiterates its call for Israel to stop the “aggression” immediately.

The tunnel – On the 103rd day of the conflict between Israel and Hamas, Israel Defense Forces troops operated in the south Gaza Stripthey announced that they had discovered one tunnel where terrorist hostages were held”under harsh and inhumane conditions“, as the IDF spokesman, the Rear Admiral, explained Daniel Hagari. The entrance was found under the house of a Hamas commander in Khan Younis. “The tunnel was equipped with explosives and armored doors to protect terrorists and prevent the search for our hostages,” Hagari said. A large room was found in the tunnel – at a depth of about 20 meters – in which about 20 hostages were held, some of whom were later released. Drawings of the little girl were also found Emilia Aloni, also published. To enter the building, the soldiers fought and killed Hamas militants, Hagari said. An announcement that comes the day after demonstrations in central Tel Aviv against the Netanyahu government.

The hostage prisons – DNA traces of hostages captured on Kibbutz Nir Oz on October 7 were found in an underground room in Khan Yunis, the octogenarian daughter-in-law of one of the hostages later told Israeli private television Channel 12. Yoram Metzger. “There was no blood, but DNA traces in the clothing,” he specified. His 78-year-old wife, Tamar, was captured with him and released in November. Last month, Hamas released a video in which Yoram Metzger appeared alongside two other elderly hostages. in deteriorated physical condition. According to the military spokesman, around twenty Israeli prisoners were held for a certain time in this cell – with no light and little air – whose fate is unknown. “I don’t know where they are now,” Metzger’s daughter-in-law added. – These are several older people in precarious physical condition. It is clear that they are at risk of not making it out alive.”

The threat from Hamas “You have the choice whether you want to recover coffins or live people. “Your government is lying, time is running out,” said Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, which released a photo with a message addressed to the families of the hostages, according to Al Jazeera. The Qassam Brigades has previously claimed that many Israelis have been arrested killed by Israeli air strikes on the Strip since the start of the war.

The diplomatic front – The number of civilian casualties is now over 25,000, but they are ongoing diplomatic efforts out of USA, Qatar and Egypt Pushing Israel and Hamas to agree on a new proposal and, according to the Wall Street Journal, it is possible that a new round of negotiations will take place in Cairo in the next few days. The mediators had suggested a 90-day plan starting with a Ceasefire, release of all civilian hostages in exchange for hundreds of Palestinian prisoners in Israel and a slow withdrawal of Israeli forces from the Gaza Strip. This first phase also includes an end to drone surveillance over Gaza and a significant increase in humanitarian aid. In the second phase, Hamas would release the kidnapped female soldiers and the bodies of the dead at the same time as other Palestinian prisoners were released. In the third phase, the WSJ reports, there would be the release of the kidnapped Israeli soldiers in exchange for the relocation of the army outside the Gaza Strip.

Sanchez's appeal – Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez addressed the Israeli Prime Minister and called for a “permanent ceasefire” in the face of “iIndiscriminate bombings are unacceptablei” in Gaza and the “death of boys and girls” in the Gaza Strip. Sanchez's words were greeted with applause by the 1,700 participants at the PSOE congress in La Coruña. In addition to the socialist cabinet ministers, the High Representative of the EU was also present Josep Borrell, to whom Sanchez paid homage. “We are extremely proud that the EU High Representative is raising the flag of human rights in Gaza and the Middle East,” he stressed. Sánchez said socialists “obviously” condemn “the terrible attacks” by Hamas against Israel. But “with the same determination” he called on Netanyahu to completely stop the bombings and allow humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip, just as he pushed forcefully for the convening of a peace conference and the recognition of the Palestinian state by the international community and credit for it received an ovation from all participants, as Efe reports.

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