Gaza: “32 hostages still held by Hamas are dead”: Israel has already informed the families

At least 32 the 136th hostages Israelis still in the hands of Hamas I am dead. This is stated by New York Times Who has seen an internal evaluation of the?Israeli army. According to four military officials told the NYT, the deaths of these 32 have been confirmed and Israel has already informed him Familys. And there would at least be intelligence reports about it 20 more hostages They were killed. The Israeli army told the US newspaper that most of them were killed October 7ththe day of the Hamas attacks.

A news also confirmed by the association of the families of the hostages, which, however, emphasizes that the Israeli Defense Forces had already informed them of this before the publication of the article in the New York Times 31 (and not 32) of the hostages still held by Hamas in Gaza have died. L'Forum for Hostages and Missing Families It says: “Before the article was published, officials had communicated this to all the families of the abductees there was no changeor when assessing the situation,” reports the Times of Israel.

Now in the Gaza Strip the war continues. About ten people were killed and ten others injured in an Israeli airstrike on the house where a family lived east of the refugee camp JabaliahReportedly in the northern Gaza Strip Al Jazeera. So it continues to grow steadily balance of the victims: They would already be over 27,585 Palestinians killed e 66,978 According to , have been injured in Israeli attacks on Gaza since October 7th Ministry of Health from Gaza. In the last 24 hours alone there were 127 deaths and 143 injuries.

And all this while Hamas points the finger at the Argentine president. Javier Milei has actually confirmed his intention Moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Hamas has “sentenced “strongly” his announcement. “A Wrong decision And unfair“, the Islamic faction continued telegram demand to “reverse” the election that “makes Argentina one.” partner of the Zionist occupier in his violations of the Palestinian people and their national rights.”

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