from election day to new support offers for older people

Today's Council of Ministers, which lasted two and a half hours, deals with various topics. Older decree, election dayremoved the Three-term limit for mayors of small communities from 5 to 15,000 residents, but also cybersecurity, sponsorship and Ferragni invoice. Let's look at them in detail.

Retirement provision: one thousand euros per month for self-sufficient people over 80 and agreements

“On an experimental basis and with a doping of 500 million in a period of two years – 300 million in 2025 and 200 million in 2026 – a universal benefit will be established after verification by the INPS, which will provide it older people over 80 who cannot look after themselves and are destitutewhich A check for a thousand euros per month is issued. The new measure will be introduced through the examination of the legislative decree by the Council of Ministers, the draft of which Radiocor has seen. A reform envisaged in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr), which called on Italy to reach the target by March 31 of this year. And that's why, as Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni explained on the occasion Question time In the Chamber, the government is providing “a total of over one billion euros for the first two years, funds that will serve to ensure that older people live a peaceful, active and dignified life.”

There are also those mobility in the Legislative Decree: “Promoting the mobility of older people in urban and extra-urban contexts through the establishment of dedicated public transport services“, but also “by granting specific concessions for private transport”. The decree law in question also aims to send the older people “on vacation” through ad hoc arrangements which takes them to “accommodation, health resorts, beaches, agritourism establishments and theme parks” to ensure, at reasonable prices, the use of tourist destinations for the elderly even on weekdays and in low season, the measure says. The aim is also to “promote the creation, at advantageous prices Long-term stays in accommodation establishments located near places associated with wellness tourism and personal care for self-sufficient elderly people.

The provision also addresses the involvement of young people by “specifying Agreements with voluntary organizations and social development associationsThe aim is to offer “intergenerational tourism programs” that “enable the participation of young people accompanying older people” on vacation.

Third mandate in small communities between 5 and 15,000 inhabitants

The regulation changes the limits for the mandates of mayors of small municipalities: Between 5,000 and 15,000 inhabitants it will be possible to achieve the third term; below 5,000 there is no limit

The restriction of two mandates for small communities – said the Minister of Agriculture Francesco Lollobrigida When I arrive at Palazzo Chigi this morning, it is a punishment, that is my opinion, and it seems to me that there is a convergence between the political forces of the majority and beyond. In order to solve this problem in the meantime, this problem is being addressed. Then the others will also face each other,” he emphasized.

The Charity Act: Transparency goals and closing a legal loophole

The law imposes obligations for both business and charitable purposes, including specifying the intended use of the proceeds and the recipient of the charitable payment, as well as the amount or proportion intended for this purpose on the products and introduces Fines from 5 to 50,000 euros – provided for by antitrust law – with the possibility of suspending commercial activity for one year in the event of violations of these obligations. The text then establishes the obligation to communicate to the competent authority, before placing the products on the market, the mandatory information as well as the deadline within which the amount intended for charitable purposes is to be paid out, namely within three months of the expiry of the deadline for a campaign the producer or organizer notifies the authority of the payment of the required fee.

In the event of a breach of the established obligations, the influencers must publish the sanction received from the antitrust office on their website or in social networks: “The entrepreneur – we read in the draft – also publishes the sanction measures adopted in extracts in a specific section of his institutional website the website of the manufacturer or trader against whom the sanction has been imposed, in one or more newspapers and in any other way deemed appropriate in view of the need for comprehensive consumer information at the expense and care of the manufacturer or professional”.

Election day June 8th and 9th: European, administrative and regional elections in Piedmont, Basilicata and Umbria

Green light for the election resolution with “urgent provisions for the 2024 election consultations and with regard to the revision of the resident population registers and the determination of the legal population”. The so-called decree law was approved election daya provision that summarizes, among other things, the date of the European elections, the first round of administrative elections and the regional elections Piedmont, Basilicata and Umbria. This will all happen on June 8th and 9th, 2024.

Cybersecurity Bill: DDA and Anti-Mafia Prosecutor's Office will be responsible for this type of crime

With the new rules “there is a strengthening of public administrations in the sense that it is expected that everyone who falls within the scope of these rules will have to equip themselves with a cybersecurity body”. This was stated by the Undersecretary of the Council Presidency Alfredo Mantovanospeaking, at a press conference.

“Many already have it, but this commitment will be expanded,” he added. “Cyber ​​supply contracts are expected to comply with certain rules contained in the tender notices and regulated by a specific decree of the Prime Minister,” he continued.

At the criminal level, “there is a tightening of sanctions, but also the Configuration of autonomous criminal figures, for example cybernetic blackmail“, he continued, and “Reward measures will be introduced for those who make the restoration of cybernetic order possible.”

“There are also changes of a criminal procedural nature, since all these crimes fall within the discipline of organized crime and therefore allow not only the use of more effective investigative and verification tools, but also coordination by the district directorates hostile to the district – mafia and the national anti-mafia -Public prosecutor. These are crimes without territory, and therefore it is pointless to divide them between the ordinary prosecutor's offices, It is good to concentrate them, as is the case with mafia and terrorist crimes, in the 17 district attorney's offices with central coordination” he announced.

In the provision there is “Rules for coordination between the ACN (National Cybersecurity Agency), Secret service and criminal police: If there is an attack that paralyzes the operating rooms of a hospital, for example, because this also happened, a decision will be made as to whether the so-called crime scene should be left unchanged in order to enable all criminal investigations that will enable us to trace the crime. However, the cause of the damage and the alternative is not to intervene in the restoration of functionality and therefore not to allow this hospital to continue to operate.”

The new two-year tax agreement for 4 million VAT numbers is coming

The new two-year preventive agreement with the tax office for the self-employed and small businesses is aimed at a target group of around 4.1 million taxpayers. The concordat, which accepts an opinion from parliamentarians, Not only will it be reserved for virtuous taxpayers based on ISA tax certificates with a grade of at least 8, but it will also be extended to those below this threshold, i.e. 55% of the total approximately 2.4 million ISA subjects. You can access the agreement In addition, around 1.7 million taxpayers with a flat tax rate of 15%. The measure, which is estimated to bring in 1.8 billion euros in revenue in two years, allows taxpayers to freeze the base for paying taxes for two years based on a proposal from the Revenue Agency.

If the tax office finds that the taxpayer has hidden more than 30% of the proceeds, the settlement with creditors will expire. However, if the taxpayer experiences a decline in sales of at least 60%, he could terminate the contract.

Artificial intelligence is also coming to uncover tax evaders. New technologies should ensure thisLinking archive databases and public registers for preventative anti-smart checks.

The deadlines for submitting tax returns and commenting on the draft tax law have been postponed to October 15th. The information program for calculating the ISA will instead be available on the Revenue Agency website from June. The next steps include the approval of the sanctions and debt collection law decree in the first reading in mid-February The stock of bad debts reached the monstrous figure of 1,185 billion euros. Next should come “zero” price tax simplification rules, that is, those that do not burden the state treasury and therefore do not require coverage.

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