FqChart – The two major parties are in retreat, Forza Italia wants to overtake the league. The M5S performed well

FQChart is the weekly arithmetic average of polls on Italians' voting intentions exclusively for Il Fatto Quotidiano. All surveys published by major opinion research institutes in the past week are included in the average.

Week from January 22nd until January 28, 2024

FdI 28.5 (-0.2)%
P.D 19.2 (-0.2)%
M5S 16.7 (+0.2)%
league 8.7 (-0.1)%
FI 8 (+0.5)%
action 4 (+0.3)%
AVS 3.6 (+0.1)%
IV 3.4 (+0.3)%
+Eu 2.4 (+0.1)%
Other 5.5%

Ironically, it is the parties of the two female leaders whose announced (but not yet planned) television duel has long been at the center of political debate both awarded, in the last seven days, 0.2%. This means that FdI reaches 28.5%, while the Democratic Party falls to 19.2%.

Curiosities of the surveys, it was said, which highlight this in two out of five cases this week (EMG and Tecnè). Forza Italia overtakes the league. If it were true, it would be a sensational result (and a Bang equally sensational for Matteo Salvini). And yet this week's average still shows the Lega Nord's lead (8.7%) over the Forza Italia party (which stands at a significant 8%).

The M5S rises again to 16.7%. It is clear that the opposition is embodied Giuseppe Conte offers more opportunities for improvement in the center-left party than Elly Schlein's.

Get 4% back action From Carlo Calenda, But he is also surpassed in a survey (again by EMG) by his former “partner in crime”. Matteo Renziwho on average achieves a good 3.4% and earns 0.3.

Positive week for AVS at 3.6% and also for the bottom +Europe (2.4%).

Source: Swg, Euro media Research, Emg, Eumetra, Tecnè

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