European stock markets fall back mid-session, with Milan below par

ECB President Christine Lagarde has made several statements at the World Economic Forum in Davos in recent days, without ever commenting on a future interest rate cut. “Inflation is slowing,” he said, “but the economy is not yet back to normal.”
The European stock markets are therefore not very dynamic: after starting in positive territory in the morning, they are now falling back. At the middle of the session, Milan, like Frankfurt, is just below parity, London is doing slightly better (approx. +0.30%), while Paris is losing more than two tenths of a percentage point. We are therefore approaching the end of an essentially flat stock market week, as we have observed since the beginning of the year. Piazza Affari lost 0.50% in a week, while registering a negative change of 0.10% since the beginning of 2024.
There was little movement in oil despite the maritime transport crisis in the Red Sea: Brent is trading at $79 per barrel. Gas, on the other hand, costs just under 29 euros per megawatt hour.

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