Entrance ticket to Venice for day tourists: The booking portal is active

This is only required from April 2024 (this year exactly the month of the Art Biennale) and until the month of July on the so-called “peak days” (a total of 29 identified to test the system). If you get to Venice just to walk around the city and spend a day as a tourist through the streets and squares, it will cost 5 euros. But the ticket booking portal, which was launched to combat hit-and-run tourism, has been online and operational for a few days and is collecting the first registrations. The measure was launched by the lagoon community a few months ago, not without controversy. Objective: Avoid overtourism what Venice has become a symbol of despite everything; A phenomenon that we have so far tried to stop with initiatives that have proven ineffective, such as turnstiles for access to the vaporetti and housing policies to encourage the return of Venetians to the city. Alleviations based on restrictive instruments (just like the ticket that came into force) and not on proactive solutions, although it would be better to focus on the new beginning of Venice as a city of culture, as suggested by Angela Vettese, author of the book Venezia a few months ago on Artribune explains Lives.

The destinations of the access ticket to Venice

Instead, the Brugnaro city council is now trying to respond to Venice, which has become a tourist attraction rather than a busy city, by imposing an access fee along the lines of landing taxes in place on some “smaller” Italian islands. An idea developed in 2019 and approved last September: “to show the world that something is being done for Venice for the first time“, explained the mayor at the time, quite inclined to underline the initiative in order to avoid the lagoon city being included in the black list of world heritage sites considered to be at risk. In fact, the decision came just a few days after the ticket was approvedUNESCO To “pardon” Venice, although it is under the surveillance of the international organization’s inspectors due to the deterioration of the environmental and economic situation and the inadequacy of the measures implemented.

The Royal Gardens of Venice, aerial view, Raffaele Cappelli, 2021

Day ticket to Venice: who pays and how it works

The trial is scheduled for 2024 These are “long weekends” in the spring and some summer weekendsin the period in which from April 25th it goes on until July 14th. Therefore, entry to the city is paid from April 25th to 30th, May 1st to 5th, Saturdays and Sundays until July 13th and 14th from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., with the exception of the Repubblica festival (June 1st and 2nd). Therefore, some days of the Art Biennale are also involved (from April 20th to November 24th). I am exempt from payment Residents and people born in the municipality of Venice, students and commuters, children up to 14 years old, residents of Veneto and family members (or guests, upon request on the portal indicating the number but without specifying the name) of who live in Venice. In addition, overnight stays in accommodation establishments in the municipal area are already subject to tourist tax (upon presentation of a voucher that makes checking easier). However, paying day tourists must receive the QR code to confirm payment via the online portal. Anyone who doesn't have it pays Fines from 50 euros: The controls will be carried out in the two access areas to the city, at the Santa Lucia train station and in Piazzale Roma, without using the turnstiles but by stewards (there will soon be a tender for their selection) who will ask for access, identity documents and can check the documents. In 2024, the ticket is valid only for the ancient city and not for the smaller islands (Lido, Murano, Burano, Torcello, Sant'Erasmo, Mazzorbo), and there is no visitor threshold above which an increase to the expected quantity could be made 5€. However, after the experimental phase, the cost of the day ticket could double and reach 10 euros.

The online portal is active for booking the ticket. The answer

On its debut day, January 16, the portal (cda.ve.it, currently only bilingual, Italian/English) for booking tickets – or validating exceptions – has collected over 2,000 registrations, mostly Veneto residents. However, the number of day tourists who have already secured the ticket is limited to just over 100 units, although it can also be purchased on site thanks to a physical payment station guaranteed (only) in the experimental phase. Luigi Brugnaro can therefore welcome the start of a journey with satisfaction.”The aim is to improve the quality of life in the city. We will move forward with great humility and with the awareness that there may be problems. In order to monitor the short and medium term impacts, a continuous and direct comparison will take place across all economic and social categories“. The mayor also emphasizes the role model function of experimentation: “Venice is the first city in the world to follow this path. It can be an example for other fragile and vulnerable cities that need to be protected“. The effectiveness still needs to be tested on site.

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