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  • Coronaviruses Similar to The COVID-19 One Have Just Been Found in Pangolins

    Coronaviruses Similar to The COVID-19 One Have Just Been Found in Pangolins

    A search for the ‘missing link’ in the chain of the emergence of SARS-CoV-2 has uncovered two close cousins of the new coronavirus in shipments of pangolins being smuggled into China. It’s important to note that the discovery by researchers from across Hong Kong and China falls well short of identifying these precious mammals as the source […]

  • Trump postpones decision on allowing import of elephant parts

    President to delay action ‘until such time as I review all conservation facts’ Leonardo DiCaprio: decision to reverse ban on elephant parts ‘reprehensible’ Donald Trump said he would delay his administration’s decision to allow the importing of elephant body parts from Zimbabwe “until such time as I review all conservation facts”. The postponement came just one […]

  • Hunting animals is just like golf, says Donald Trump as his sons pose with safari trophy kills

    PRESIDENTIAL candidate Donald Trump praised sons Donald Jr and Eric’s hunting talents as sick photos emerge of them showing off slain safari animals. SICK photographs have emerged of two of Donald Trump’s sons showing off animals they murdered on kill safaris in Africa. X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne posted a picture on Instagram of Donald Jnr, […]


    Shaun Hammonds, a resident of Whitesburg, lately recorded a soul-piercing scream from the woods. The video, published on Facebook about two weeks ago, begins with Hammonds walking outside his house to the treeline with his cellphone hoping to record the noise. Sure enough, throughout the video, the weird, distant howling can be heard several times. His wife […]

  • A Bold New Theory Proposes That Humans Tamed Themselves

    A leading anthropologist suggests that protohumans became domesticated by killing off violent males. The Goodness Paradox: The Strange Relationship Between Virtue and Violence in Human Evolution BY RICHARD WRANGHAM PANTHEON When i was studying for my doctorate, in the late 1960s, we budding anthropologists read a book called Ideas on Human Evolution, a collection of then-recent papers in the field. […]

  • Gorillas Pose With Anti Poaching Rangers! World’s Coolest Selfie?

    The gorillas of the Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo and their wardens have set the internet on fire this week with a series of unbelievable selfies. Gorillas break the internet with selfie series The Democratic Republic of Congo is considered to be one of the most important sites in the world […]

  • Fishermen Discover A Massive 10,000-Year-Old “Irish Elk” Skull

    A fisherman and his assistant were out on the lakebed of Lough Neagh in Northern Ireland on Sept. 5 when they reeled in the farthest thing from their usual catch. Raymond McElroy and his assistant, Charlie Coyle, were shocked when they hooked a massive pair of elk antlers with its skull almost fully intact. As it turns […]

  • How to be human: the man who was raised by wolves

    Abandoned as a child, Marcos Rodríguez Pantoja survived alone in the wild for 15 years. But living with people proved to be even more difficult. The first time Marcos Rodríguez Pantoja ever heard voices on the radio, he panicked. “Fuck,” he remembers thinking, “those people have been inside there a long time!” It was 1966, […]

  • Trophy Hunter Gored In The Groin Fatally By The Mate Of A Buffalo He Just Killed

    There is an old saying that you have probably heard, “What comes around goes around.” It seems as if this saying hits us at the most inconvenient time and it teaches us a life lesson we won’t soon forget. Then again, if somebody else experiences the truthfulness of the saying, we are often happy to […]

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