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  • Mexican experts find 119 more skulls on Aztec ‘trophy rack’

    Mexican experts find 119 more skulls on Aztec ‘trophy rack’

    Archaeologists in Mexico City said Friday they have found another section of 119 skulls that were part of the Aztec capital’s main trophy rack of sacrificed humans. A five-year dig under old buildings near Mexico City’s Templo Mayor Aztec ruins has so far found a total of 603 skulls. They are believed to date to […]


    A GOTHIC SETTING Bram Stoker arrived at Mrs Veazey’s guesthouse at 6 Royal Crescent, Whitby, at the end of July 1890. As the business manager of actor Henry Irving, Stoker had just completed a gruelling theatrical tour of Scotland. It was Irving who recommended Whitby, where he’d once run a circus, as a place to […]

  • Skeletons reveal morbid history of real-life ‘vampires’ whose hearts were burned and teeth ripped out

    WITH their teeth ripped out and stakes driven through their chests, these brutalised skeletons reveal the gruesome extent of the vampire hysteria that gripped communities as recently as the 1970s. Remains exhumed from the northeastern United States and across Europe show how mass panic at the spread of disease could lead to the most blood-curdling […]


    Shaun Hammonds, a resident of Whitesburg, lately recorded a soul-piercing scream from the woods. The video, published on Facebook about two weeks ago, begins with Hammonds walking outside his house to the treeline with his cellphone hoping to record the noise. Sure enough, throughout the video, the weird, distant howling can be heard several times. His wife […]

  • Creepy Winged Creature Filmed in Nicaragua a few days ago (VIDEO)

    A few days ago, a video with a strange creature, shot somewhere in Nicaragua, was uploaded on YouTube channel “Ovnis vs Ufos”. The creature was seen sitting on a tree next to the road in an unspecified city. A woman taking it off on her phone says something behind the scenes, but unfortunately her words […]

  • Online poll shows: People still see fairies and elves today

    London (United Kingdom) – Even today – as shown by the results of an online survey from 2013 to 2017 – many people describe their sightings, close encounters and interactions with fairies, elves and gnomes.  Thus, the result of the “The Fairy Census” contradicts the perhaps widespread idea that natural beings are a myth of […]

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