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  • Vatican Secrets: The manuscript that confirms that human beings have supernatural powers

    Vatican Secrets: The manuscript that confirms that human beings have supernatural powers

    Human beings are endowed with extraordinary powers. The only problem is that few people know and can activate these powers or gifts from nature. To understand the complexity of things and to understand how these secrets are hidden from the eyes of the general public. The divine matrix of the Universe and our body Throughout the Universe , […]

  • Creepy Winged Creature Filmed in Nicaragua a few days ago (VIDEO)

    A few days ago, a video with a strange creature, shot somewhere in Nicaragua, was uploaded on YouTube channel “Ovnis vs Ufos”. The creature was seen sitting on a tree next to the road in an unspecified city. A woman taking it off on her phone says something behind the scenes, but unfortunately her words […]

  • A study shows that fluoride converts the pineal gland into stone

    Research published in 2001 shows that fluoride consumption is associated with rapid calcification of the pineal gland in the brain.  The pineal gland has been known as the ‘seat of soul’ for hundreds of years. Could fluoride, a ubiquitous vector of toxicity in the modern world, actually be calcifying this gland and literally turning it […]


    In the mountains of Peru stands a gateway shrouded in mystery and attributed with capabilities of mythic proportions. Many ancient sites on Earth are believed to hold special powers and emit unique frequencies of energy, lights, or sounds that otherwise seem impossible. Others hold stories of people, cities, and even entire ships vanishing without leaving […]

  • Can We Reprogram Our DNA and Heal Ourselves With Frequency, Vibration & Energy?

    As though to confirm the hunch many of us had that our ‘junk’ DNA was anything but disposable, researchers from the Gene and Stem Cell Therapy Program at Sydney’s Centenary Institute have proven that 97 percent of human DNA programs or encodes proteins in our bodies. One of the researchers involved in this study said, “this discovery, […]

  • Scientist invents technology to see multidimensional beings

    Daniel Nemes  scientist and inventor, originally from Spain but residing in Colombia, since he was 14 years old he became interested in astronomy and science. He was a member of the astronomical group of Madrid, Spain. He says that the project started when he read an article in a magazine about the Dark Matter of the universe […]

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