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  • Derbyshire ‘fat’ poster gym advert ‘offensive’

    Derbyshire ‘fat’ poster gym advert ‘offensive’

    An anti-bullying charity has called for a gym billboard poster to be removed for being “offensive”. The poster, on Tamworth Road, in Sawley, Derbyshire, shows aliens beaming up a person into their spaceship with the text, “they’ll take the fat ones first”. Combat Bullying, based in Nottinghamshire, said it would “further harm” those who are […]

  • Actress Claims Royals Are Aliens and The Possible Connection with Globalists Master Plan (Video)

    The Royals are living in a world which is so beyond our understanding? Let’s start with the (coronation) ceremony in 1953, the Queen sat on the Coronation Chair and under her bum was the Stone of Destiny which Edward I had stolen from Scone (pronounced ‘scoon’) Abby in 1246. The stone was supposed to have […]

  • What lies behind ghosts, demons and aliens – according to sleep researchers

    If you believe in the paranormal you might not be surprised if you hear stories of deceased loved ones appearing during the night, huge explosions heard just as someone is drifting off with no obvious cause, and other peculiar occurrences. But what if you don’t? My interest in the paranormal started with an impromptu coffee […]

  • Nadine Lalich and her experience of abduction by aliens

    “… While waiting for my turn, I, surprisingly, felt emotionally detached – no fear! The aliens put me in their “dental” chair and implanted one implant under the crown of my molar tooth, and another tiny black “pea” was sewn into the brush of my hand. “ Nadine Lalich, a resident of California and our contemporary, is […]

  • Pyramid and Moon Shape Base On Earth’s Moon

    This was found by Streetcap1 of Youtube. He has an eye for catching archaeological discoveries using NASA photos. This is a rare photo of the far side of Earths moon. This pyramid is a clear evidence of ancient aliens both on Earth and our moon. At 334.8 MB I had to have a look. Below is […]

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