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This 50-Year-Old Photographer Can Be Mistaken For A 20-Year-Old Bodybuilder

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With Roger Federer winning the Wimbledon 2017 at the age of 35, it is quite evident that people are aging late. What was considered middle age at 50 is now slowly becoming the early 40s.


However, this 50-year-old photographer has gone a step further. At this age, he has developed such youthful looks with a muscular body that can put even the dashing 20-somethings to shame. His name is Chuando Tan and he is a resident of Singapore.


The bug for retaining youthful looks had already bitten Tan, when he started out as a model in his younger days. He has been a part of all kinds of high fashion projects, from editorial spreads to magazine covers. He soon became Singapore’s most sought-after model and even tried his hand at singing as a Mandarine pop singer as a career option.


By 1996, photography started fascinating him more than modelling. He took it up in the right earnest and in no time started clicking celebrity photos, becoming a celebrity photographer himself. Today, Tan, along with his partner, Frey, runs a modelling agency called ChuanDo&Frey.


Tan is no run of the mill photographer, but one of the best in business. His claim to fame is shooting international fashion titles, such as Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Jalouse, L’Officiel, Muse and many more. He has also worked with clients including L’Oréal, ION Orchard Singapore, Levi’s and Motorola. In fact, Janet Jackson’s 10th studio album, ‘Discipline’, was also shot by them in 2008.

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