A bride died of a heart attack at their wedding and the groom married her … sister in the same ceremony!

A bride died of a heart attack at their wedding and the groom married her … sister in the same ceremony!

One unimaginable incident recently occurred in Indiawhen a young bride tragically lost her life in her own marriage to … be “replaced” almost immediately by her sister, who married the groom in the same ceremony. According to Daily mail, the unfortunate girl named Sourbi suffered Heart attack during the wedding ceremony in the city of Etagua, the state Uttar Pradeshafter she had previously exchanged wreaths with the bridegroom Mantzes Kumer as defined by the Hindu wedding tradition. A local doctor was immediately called to the scene, but was unable to save the young woman.

Although one would expect this tragic development to put an end to the celebrations and wedding ceremonies, the families of the newlyweds got one other decision: They agreed to continue the marriage to one of the undefeated brid;s sisters in their place. So, the groom eventually married the young Nisa and during the ceremony, the woman’s body, originally intended for his wife, was in a separate room to be cremated after the procedure.

One of Sourbi’s uncles, o Ajam Singhexplained to the Daily Mail that it was “A difficult decision” for the family to continue the marriage: “One daughter lay dead in a room while the other daughter was being decorated for the wedding next door. This is the first time we’ve had such mixed feelings.” We haven’t yet realized the sadness of death or the joy of marriage. “

THE Saurab, Brother of the unfortunate girl, told the British newspaper, “He couldn’t believe that the body was found in one room and the body in the other [νέα] Bride”. “We didn’t know what to do in this situation… Both families sat down to speak. Someone suggested that my younger sister Nisa marry the groom. “After discussion, both families agreed.” mentioned in separate explanations to mentioned IANS agency.

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There are a few, according to the Daily Mail social factors what could have influenced the family decision. On the one hand, the bride’s family will very likely wait some “dowry” important for its survival. On the other hand, the groom and his family may want to avoid the “stigma” of returning from a marriage without a bride. The mother of the bride, Goody Devi, she pleaded for the continuation of the marriage, despite the tragic loss of her eldest daughter.

“The mother is in great pain. She shouts her name day and night as she was her eldest daughter and had big dreams for her. Let him rest in peace “another Sorby brother told the Daily Mail.


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