Outrage after Labour councillor says ‘pity’ Brexit supporters not ‘CULLED’ by coronavirus

Outrage after Labour councillor says ‘pity’ Brexit supporters not ‘CULLED’ by coronavirus

A LABOUR councillor has sparked outrage after saying it was a “pity” coronavirus had not “culled” Brexit voters.

David Everett from the North West Leicestershire District Council made the comments on Facebook in September. The remarks, which have only just surfaced, have angered Conservative MPs who are demanding the Labour Party take action.

Andrew Bridgen, who represents the constituency in which Mr Everett is a councillor, has written to Sir Keir Starmer to asking to “outline what steps you are going to take to address Councillor Everett’s abhorrent comment”.

Mr Everett had written on social media: “As for the… attention-seeking ignoramuses young and old they will infect each other get the flu and cull themselves.

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“Pity it didn’t happen before the Brexit vote and we would not be leaving the EU.

“The next disaster which is going to hit us.”

Andrew Bridgen has written to Sir Keir Starmer demanding answers 

At the time more than 40,000 Brits had already died of the virus.

Coronavirus has since gone on to kill more than 127,000 people nationally.

Writing to Sir Keir, Mr Bridgen said he was “disappointed and saddened” by the remarks.

“In Councillor Everett’s world, would it have been preferable for all of the 17.4 million who voted for Brexit to be ‘culled’, or just enough to allow Remain to have won?”, he asked.

“Millions of decent people, including the significant majority in my own constituency and former Labour-held seats, voted for Brexit because they believed it would bring them a better life.

“I find it truly despicable that one of your councillors would invoke the global tragedy of COVID-19 as a means to prevent a democratic decision that he happens to disagree with.

Andrew Bridgen said he was ‘disappointed and saddened’ by the remarks (Image: N/C)

“What have 17.4 million voters done that is so bad that a Labour Party councillor wishes them dead?”

In 2016 North West Leicestershire voted overwhelmingly to quit the EU.

In total 61 percent of constituents voted Leave.

The result was significantly higher than the 52 percent vote share nationally.

The Tory MP is demanding answers from the Labour leader (Image: PA)

The Labour Party has been approached for comment on Mr Everett’s comments.

As well as being a district councillor, Mr Everett is standing as a Labour candidate for the upcoming Leicestershire Council Council election.

Voters will cast elect members to the council on May 6.

The day has been dubbed “super Thursday” with hundreds of votes on local and mayoral elections taking place across the UK as well as the Scottish and Welsh Parliament elections.

Source www.express.co.uk

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