Lolli: A Way to Earn Free Bitcoins While Enjoying a Shopping Spree

Lolli: A Way to Earn Free Bitcoins While Enjoying a Shopping Spree is a digital rewards platform launched on August 22, 2018, that pays its users in Bitcoins as rewards, when they shop online. Till now, the company has partnered with over 750 brands to maximize their revenue margins. Each time a Lolli user shops with any of the partners, both get a small percentage of the sale. That is to say every time the users use Lolli platform, it receives a fixed percentage of the products’ MRP. But instead of keeping the entire percentage of the MRP for itself, Lolli shares a certain percentage with its users in the form of Bitcoins, which they can later use when they shop again from any of the registered partners of Lolli. As such, Chrome and Firefox users get a flat 7% back with free Bitcoins.

Lolli expanded its reign over 900 retail locations. It has partnered with Safeway (a subsidiary of Albertsons companies which is one of the largest dealers of food and drug in the US). Lolli’s partnership with enabled its users to order essential things like groceries and medicines online, on Lolli and earn Bitcoins on every purchase that they make. Before this, Alibaba the renowned Chinese E-commerce platform has also announced its collaboration with Lolli.


Some of the exclusive features of Lolli are discussed hereunder, which makes it stand apart from other similar platforms.


Lolli is quite easy to use than many other Cryptocurrency based shopping portals. The website is user-friendly and does not use any sort of technical jargon.

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24 x 7 Customer Support

Lolli provides excellent customer support to its users. Users can email their issues at and get immediate responses from the team.

Growing customer base

With its tremendous popularity, Lolli’s customer base has increased rapidly. Users can connect to the Lolli community through social sites like Facebook or Twitter and can even directly apply by filling in the relevant forms.

How does it work?

In order to earn free Bitcoins from Lolli, all you need to do is, visit the official website of Lolli and download the browser extension. Then the users will be directed to any of the 750+ business affiliates of Lolli. Once the users reach the online store, they are notified by Lolli to activate their savings. Once Lolli is activated on the users’ device, they are free to shop their hearts out.  As long as the orders are eligible, Lolli tracks the purchases made by the users, and send Bitcoins to the users’ wallet as soon as they receive them from the participating merchants.

However, users using extensions other than the Lolli extension, or using any other cashback or savings applications or coupon sites, are not eligible for earning Bitcoin rewards. This eligibility is at the sole discretion of the company’s affiliated partners and therefore the users can not challenge their decisions of exclusions. Moreover, some merchants do not provide Bitcoins to their users, if they use any other internal coupon codes in conjunction with the extension module of Lolli.

Though Lolli appears to be a very secure shopping app, the fact that it uses cold wallets to save its clients’ money makes it a little vulnerable to hacking incidents. Therefore, it is entirely upon the users whether they want to shop online on Lolli or not. If they are okay with the risks associated with Lolli, then it is a very intriguing experience to earn in Bitcoins while you shop.

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