Living Animals Trapped Inside Key-chains in China for only $1,5 (Video)

Living Animals Trapped Inside Key-chains in China for only $1,5 (Video)

A bizarre fashion has appeared in China and many people and activists who support animal rights are appalled.

It’s about soulless traders who keep living fish, turtles, small lizards, and other animals, captive inside some key chains.

Those key-chains are made of plastic and contain only a little water and oxygen for the little animal to survive for only a short period of time.

Most customers who buy such souvenirs simply throw away the key chain after the animal inside dies.

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Another interesting detail is that this fashion started in 2012 and there are references to these key chains since 2008.

A petition against this injustice on animals has quickly amassed one million people.

Watch the following video and see for yourself:

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