Democrats would prefer a ‘giant meteor extinguishing all human life’ than another Trump election win

Democrats would prefer a ‘giant meteor extinguishing all human life’ than another Trump election win

If you need proof that some folks in America have had enough of Donald Trump already, look no further than an answer to a recent poll aimed at Democrats.

As the New Hampshire primaries get underway, the likes of Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg will be looking to build upon their success in Iowa, while Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren hope to play catch up in the race to secure the nomination to face Trump in the presidential election.

Prior to the vote, a poll conducted by the University of Massachusetts Lowell, found that Democratic voters would rather see the end of ‘all human life’ as we know it than another four years of Trump in the White House.

The question, which was pitched to 453 New Hampshire Democratic Primary voters, via YouGov asked:

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Which of the following outcomes would you prefer occur on November 3, 2020?

The options were either ‘Donald Trump wins re-election’ or ‘a giant meteor strikes the earth, extinguishing all human life.’

Naturally, the Democrats went for the latter choice as 62 per cent opted for the apocalypse instead of Trump winning again.

The answers were also broken down by whether those polled were members of the Democratic party, income, education, gender, age and ideology with the meteor strike winning all but two categories (people with a Conservative ideology and those earning more than $100k-a-year).

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Other questions asked in the survey included:

  • Do you feel things in this country are generally going in the right direction or do you feel things have pretty seriously gotten off on the wrong track? 
  • Do you approve or disapprove of the way Donald Trump is handling his job as president?
  • How much of the time to do you think you can trust the federal government in Washington to do what’s right?
  •  If Donald Trump has deployed ground troops to fight in Iran, would you rather the Democratic president deploy a surge of group troops to try to win the war quickly, or withdraw all ground troops immediately to prevent more American casualties?

In almost every case the results were overwhelmingly negative for Trump and the Republicans.

Interestingly, despite Sanders success in Iowa, the poll showed that the Democrats that were polled preferred Joe Biden to the staunch socialist, with 42 per cent believing that he would stand a better chance against Trump than Sanders in an election.

However, in New Hampshire, the independents could be a decisive element in the result as they make up the largest bloc of voters in the state, which opted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, and can often cause their primaries to go down to the wire. 


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