Is the Hollywood set jumping on the “Climate Tax” bandwagon?

Is the Hollywood set jumping on the “Climate Tax” bandwagon?

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT Ph.D., environmentalist, scientist, and activist, on YouTube, explains how Trump was right to excuse the US from the Paris Accord scam. Only Trump’s haters, the political elites and corporates will benefit from climate taxes NOT you or the planet!

Liberals like Schumer cry “Climate Crisis” and set fires to instill fear. When you are afraid, you don’t notice that the money, generated from a climate tax instated to solve the crisis, ends up in THEIR pockets.

And here is when the people start to realize what the climate scam will ultimately lead to… taxing the hell out of us all!

10 years of Climategate. A look back on when the whole climate change hysteria was revealed to be the corrupt scam it is.

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