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Underground Car Graveyard – Cavern of the Lost Souls, Wales

by Mysterious Times
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A disused mine in Wales, with a huge pile of motor vehicles that have been dumped through a small opening, making an amazing reflection in the underground lake below.

he Cavern of the Lost Souls is a disused mine in the Ceredigion / Gwynedd area of Wales that holds a relic of the past. The once-bustling mine now lies silent and flooded, the workers long gone following the decline of the mining industry a few decades ago. Time has begun to take its toll on the excavation, the entrance shaft now a couple of feet deep in water, and the old pathways carved out of the near-shear rock face now crumbling under foot.

Cavern of the Lost Souls – Car Mine

A small opening above the main cavern casts a single beam of light into the enormous space. Below, illuminated by the shard of sunlight a huge pile of motor vehicles looms out of the darkness. The cavern had, for a while, been used as a dumping ground by the local council. Old cars, refrigerators, old TV’s and other household items have been tipped through the small entrance, piling up below, towering out of the water – and producing an amazing reflection.

Entry was one of the most fun to date…. After making our way through the flooded passageway the route opened out into a cavern with a 100ft drop below. We made our decent down the crumbling rock face, an interesting free-climb, followed by a crawl through another passageway to the main cavern. The tower of cars greeted us across a large lake, the clear water glistening in our torchlight.

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Cavern of the Lost Souls – Light shines onto the car pile
Cavern of the Lost Souls – Car pile and reflection
Cavern of the Lost Souls – Closer view of the huge pile of cars
Cavern of the Lost Souls – Proj3ct M4yh3m shooting the cars
Cavern of the Lost Souls – Some cars are under the clear water

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