New Bridge Leads Tourists Through “Hands of God”

New Bridge Leads Tourists Through “Hands of God”

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The gigantic, giant hands that support the Golden Bridge in Vietnam offer a truly amazing look. At the same time, the bridge is a route that takes tourists away from the Ba Na hills and is truly original. Designer Vu Viet Anh tried to induce tourists to feel that they were walking on the imaginary thread that stretched over God’s hands.

The bridge was built by TA Landscape Architecture in Ho Chi Minh City, Cau Vang (Vietnamese Golden Bridge) is supposed to attract more tourists to the already popular city. Ba Na Mountains, a resort originally built by French colonists in 1919, already includes the world ‘s  longest single-line cable car  , a replica of a French medieval village with a castle imitation, a wax museum, and Thien Thai landscaped gardens with a bridge above. The bridge is only for hiking and is approximately 150 meters long. Visitors can enjoy the purple chrysanthemums on one side and the longest cable car, located at 4600 meters above sea level, on the other.

Leaving rocky hands on the edge of nature, bridge creators have tried to give the new installation a historical look that contrasts with the modernity that the golden thread represents for change. The architects are already planning a second bridge, this time in silver, representing God’s hair and connecting over the hills with a bridge that is already dazzling with tourists in Vietnam.

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