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California man arrested after street fight involving bat, metal rod

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A street fight in Fresno, California left one man in the hospital.

Police arrested 61-year-old Philip Lester for assault with a deadly weapon.

According to police, two men were fighting in the street, one of them has a bat and the other holding a metal rod.Advertisement – Story continues below

Police say Lester took the metal rod from the other man then beat him in the head with the bat multiple times.

“But to see an individual that is knocked to the ground with a baseball bat and then to be repeatedly struck with a baseball bat is alarming. And this individual could have very easily lost his life,” Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said.

Police say a driver pulled his car into the fight to try and stop it.

“You know that’s an individual decision. If it were me as a citizen I would intervene. Some citizens may not be able to intervene. They can simply honk their horn but definitely call 911,” Dyer said.

Police later arrested Lester as he was walking down the street after the fight. He was taken to Fresno County Jail.

Police are still investigating into what led up to the fight.

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