This Cool Video Will Show You Why You Shouldn’t Be So Quick To Judge Others

This Cool Video Will Show You Why You Shouldn’t Be So Quick To Judge Others

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you see an old and dirty man sitting in front of you in a bar?

Most likely you would assume they are homeless, or at the very best, really poor. However, our appearances do not tell the whole story of who we are.

It’s and evolutionary advantage to judge things by appearance, for example if you see a predator in the wild it’s smarter to run than to try and get to know them better.

But we are not in the wilderness anymore. And when it comes to human beings, our appearance is as unique as each and every single one of us.

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So being quick to judge is almost a disadvantage in the modern world we live in today. And it’s a mental tool that has two sharp ends.

The more harshly we judge others, the more harshly we judge ourselves. The little grumpy voice inside our heads just makes the world uglier. it’s not constructive in any way.

To prove just how wrong we might sometimes be to judge another person, Little Things shared this brilliant short video, and it’s something that can open anyone’s eyes.

Don’t Be So Quick To Judge Others:

The moral of this super cool video is that we shouldn’t judge others too quickly because we are, most likely, flawed in some other way we are not aware of.

Most of the time we perceive the world as if we are the perfect little snowflake that has done no wrong, and the whole world is there to get us.

But what we don’t understand is that we are all fighting a hard battle, every single day we are all battling our own monsters.

And instead of judging others and making the world harder than it already is, the best thing we can do is share the donut. Do a small act of kindness.

Hating the world and people around you will not help anyone. Love, no matter how small act of love you do, that’s what will save us all.

So the next time, instead of judging someone, look for ways you can be kind to them. Find a way you can make their day a little better.

Because if we start following this little change of kindness, someone, someday will make your day better too.

So stop judging, be kind, share the donut. It might not be your donut anyway. The best thing you can do is realize we are all in this together. Be kind.


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