Rare Astrological Alignment January 17 Through 21: All Planets Go Direct!

Rare Astrological Alignment January 17 Through 21: All Planets Go Direct!

A rare astrological event will be occurring from January the 17th until the 21st.

It is referred to as APDM. That is an abbreviation of, “All Planets in Direct Motion”. All the planets will be direct, and 5 planets in their natural home Star Sign.

It is a phrase coined by Wave Rayne, she was the first astrologer to publish articles about the event. “All Planets in Direct Motion” is a time when all the major planets will be moving in direct motion. It will last for only one month. This cosmic event is seen as a time of great fortune and the best time to take advantage of opportunities.

It is a time when the Earth’s perspective momentarily becomes like the Sun’s. The vibrations of the solar system will be providing some of their strongest solar assistance for those prepared to take on new endeavors.


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When a planet is moving at its normal rotational speed, and that speed is the same as planet Earth’s, it is referred to as being in “direct motion”. As the name of APDM suggests, the period between January 17th and the 21st is when not just one or two of the planets will be in direct motion, but all of them will be!


It is a time to be hopeful and begin new adventures. If you want to get married, this is a great time to propose. If you want to start a new business, then set the wheels in motion. If you want to get healthier, then begin during this period. With the strong cosmic energy helping, there is never a better time to take the plunge in whatever way you want to improve your life. 

Its effects will be life-changing for everyone. As something “bad” completely ends, something “new” completely begins. Whatever “it” is will have begun on 1st January 2019, and for some of you, will have been in the process of beginning since 1st December 2018.

Whatever “it” is has to be something that gives you hope for a better future defined by the past ending, especially a “past” that’s been draining you, worrying you and preventing you from moving forward with your life.

The Moon will be on maximum strength, with the Full Moon being on the cusp. It’s the Full Moon which will be ensuring you feel “it.”

In fact, this Full Moon is the Super Wolf Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse. What better way to start this new year, than with some serious cosmic events to put us where we need to be.

*Edit* It has come to our attention that the full dates for APDM is January 6 – March 5, then again March 28 – April 10. This information was brought to us by Wave Rayne, author and discoverer of APDM.

Source mysticalraven.com

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