Trophy Hunter Gored In The Groin Fatally By The Mate Of A Buffalo He Just Killed

Trophy Hunter Gored In The Groin Fatally By The Mate Of A Buffalo He Just Killed

There is an old saying that you have probably heard, “What comes around goes around.” It seems as if this saying hits us at the most inconvenient time and it teaches us a life lesson we won’t soon forget. Then again, if somebody else experiences the truthfulness of the saying, we are often happy to see it “come around.” That is certainly the case with this South African hunter who just got a taste of his own medicine in a way that has the Internet smiling.

Claude Kleynhans was a hunter from South Africa and he was just finishing up a hunt, where he killed a buffalo. As he was loading the carcass onto the vehicle, he got a little taste of his own medicine when another buffalo snuck in and charged him. As it turns out, he was killed as a result of that charge because he was gored in the groin. Many people are saying it is a little bit of karma, and I would have to agree.

This trophy Hunter was killing wildlife for more than 30 years in South Africa. Now one of the animals that he hunted on a regular basis has killed him.

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It happened on May 22, when Claude Kleynhan, a 54-year-old Hunter killed an African buffalo in the northern Limpopo Province in South Africa. When they were loading it onto the vehicle, however, another buffalo from the same herd charged in toward him with its horn. During the attack, his femoral artery was severed, killing him quickly.

His sister-in-law made the following statement: “They were working on the bushes to open the animal and did not see the other buffalo. The buffalo struck him and pronged him with its horn in his groin. He loved what he did and he died doing what he loved.”

Kleynhans had been hunting big game throughout South Africa in Zambia, Botswana and other, nearby countries. He has also been leading various hunting trips and p, otography tours since 1987. His company, Guwela Safaris is located in Hoedspruit. His guests were able to enjoy some time in the field, fine cuisine and excellent accommodations.

There were a number of different animals available for hunting purposes during the trips that he offered. It included animals such as the giraffe, which was available for $2850 and zebras, which would cost the hunter $1500. Other animals were also available, including elephants, lions and crocodiles. His hunts guaranteed 100% success.

This is a promotional video from his Safari company:

The African buffalo, also known as the Cape Buffalo can weigh as much as 1300 pounds. They’re also very territorial animal and can be aggressive when protecting their herd mates. At times, they may come together to fight off a lion and they may even kill a human who gets too close. Some people think that they have killed more hunters than any other animal in Africa.

When this surprise attack occurred, Kleynhans didn’t have any hope. He is considered by many to be an ethical hunter and is survived by three children and a widow.

Although he was considered to be an ethical Hunter, he was not looked upon favorably by those on social media. Some even claimed that he was a poacher and ultimately got what he deserved. Although this case is not one of poaching, there certainly is a lot of controversy surrounding these types of hunts and as long as they are posted on social media, you will hear a lot of opinions.



4 responses to “Trophy Hunter Gored In The Groin Fatally By The Mate Of A Buffalo He Just Killed”

  1. I hope he’s dead, the piece of shit fucker. Gored in the groin, so what? Its not like these bastards have any balls anyway. Sure the kids are his? I never thoughts these assholes could even get it up. On the plus side, a lot of these pieces of stinking shit have been getting it this year. The country needs revenue?

    Ok, how about that idiot sleazeball where the lions left only his head. How about the cowardly orange traitor, king shit’s two turd offspring? That sick dentist who shot Cecil and that fat tub of blubber that owns Jimmy Johns. And to not leave out the females, that bitch in Texas who shot the neighborhood cat with a bow and arrow and posted it on the Internet like she just won First Prize at the fair?

    How wonderful it would be to set up a museum with these sick fuck’s heads on the wall. There would be tourists lining up from every country to see that. Hell, I’d mortgage my house to make that trip.

  2. Terrible that he was killed. Your biased opinion is wrong. If you don’t like hunting don’t do it, doesn’t mean you have more status or are a better person because you don’t hunt. Maybe you like the feeling of laughing at a families misfortune? I’m not a hunter not interested in it. You saying that it’s good that he was killed is short sighted opinionated and wrong. It’s a stupid poorly written article, probably made up with fake photos. Says a lot about you. Narrow minded, if you don’t like hunting nobody should? What did you eat today? Meat someone else prepped for you?

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