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BBC reimagines the perfect human body and it’ll give you nightmares

by Mysterious Times

Humans aren’t perfect, but anatomist Alice Roberts knows how they could be.

On Wednesday, BBC shared a terrifying video in which Roberts reimagines the human body and creates Alice 2.0 — a version of herself with no errors and the most successful features of animals.

This, uh, different looking human model, has large eyes and ears, a chimp’s lower back, the legs of an emu, small pumps in her thighs to help blood circulation, and a breast-less chest. Within her lies a dog’s heart, “the graceful lungs of a swan,” and more. Casual. And oh yeah, to make the whole childbirth thing easier, she has a marsupial pouch. NO THANK YOU.

“Oh no, I can’t look at her,” Roberts said. “… The baby’s the weirdest thing. That is the weirdest thing but it’s very very cute at the same time.”

BBC declared “this could be a human fit for the future.” But honestly? Nah, I think we’re good.

You can watch the full below….

Source mashable.com

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Matt Rudd July 2, 2018 - 7:46 pm

This reminds me of the movie Total Recall where Arnold Schwarzenegger meets the guy with that baby looking coming out of his belly !

Mysterious Times July 3, 2018 - 10:36 am

The mutant, yes. Remember that.


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