Illuminati members won’t tackle climate change despite having the technology, claims former Canadian minister

Illuminati members won’t tackle climate change despite having the technology, claims former Canadian minister

Conspiracy theorists may have constantly argued the existence of the Illuminati for centuries, but a former defense minister of Canada has claimed that the secretive group indeed runs the world from behind the scenes for a New World Order (NWO).

Despite there being no evidence to prove the existence of the Illuminati, let alone their plan to execute an NWO, 94-year-old Canadian politician Paul Hellyer has come out saying that the organization is indeed “real” and powerful.

Hellyer claimed that members of the Illuminati have the required technology to reverse climate change, but are keeping it a secret to financially boost the petroleum industry.

Hellyer has become the highest-ranking government official worldwide to openly state that he believes in the existence of a secretive group that controls world affairs and economy. The members of the Illuminati range from politics, business and the entertainment industry, along with many others.

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In an interview on the Lazarus Effect podcast, the politician who was the Canadian defense minister in the 1960s said many members in the Illuminati have stakes in the oil industry across the globe.

“You have a got secret cabal that’s actually running the world and they’ve managed to keep this technology under wraps until they can cash in the trillions of oil assets that they’ve got,” Daily Star quoted Hellyer as saying.

He added: “And it’s not going to change until hundreds of thousands of people band together and say look ‘you’ve got to come clean, tell us what is going on, and change your priorities to save the world for further generations instead of blowing it on wars.”

Hellyer is not new to conspiracy theories. He claimed on February 11 that the United States government has been in contact with alien species since the 1960s. The former defense minister had also claimed that “at least four species of aliens” have visited Earth. 

“I learned way back that the US in cooperation with visitors from other planets had developed an exotic form of energy that would allow us to make the change from fossil fuels to exotic, clean energy within the 10-year deadline that I think we actually have.” 

However, his critics often say his claims are baseless and just “ramblings”, according to the Sun.



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