Rediscovered Recording From 1945 Accurately Predicted The Future

Rediscovered Recording From 1945 Accurately Predicted The Future

A recently rediscovered audio file from the year 1945 perfectly described our recent times. The stunning 2 and a half minute radio broadcast stated that by 2045, ma would reach other heavenly bodies including Mars. The man also predicted the use of gadgets like smartwatches and CCTV cameras.

The broadcast is not dated and ApexTV claims that the broadcast came from England. The broadcast was probably aired right after World War II and at the early days of the atomic age. The disturbing part of the man’s announcement is the erosion or dissolution of the right to privacy. Seems like an Orwellian scenario is about to happen.

The broadcast can be heard below. Subscribers from ApexTV was convinced that the archived tape is recorded. ApexTV received a cult following because of their highly speculative videos about time travel, alien life, and conspiracies. The recording can be heard below.

Credit: First picture by D. Chang


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