12 signs that you’ve run into an evil person

12 signs that you’ve run into an evil person

It is generally believed that most human beings are good and favorable. However, the truth is that, unfortunately, more and more we realize that this is not the case. We are all able to say that we have already crossed paths with an evil person on our way. These people show a set of special features that go unnoticed by many. They are always in the pursuit of domination and conquest. What you should know is that they are friends that are more of a threat, than a shoulder to cry.

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12 signs that you have run into an evil person in your life

The following are 12 traits of an evil person that often go unnoticed. Evil people really exist and have no qualms about doing harm in order to get what they want. They are people who can sometimes be aware in a certain way of what they do, but their interests are those that stand before the welfare and integrity of others that they might even be willing to eliminate from their path if they need it. Its main characteristic is to be delinquents.

Take note and if you are facing such a person, leave immediately if you want to keep your life safe from these types of human parasites. They are not willing to change, or if they are, they will never do it even in the medium term and it is hard for them to take charge of their terrible behaviors. Getting away from them is the best you can do if you detect that someone like that may be on your way.

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1. They like to deny reality

The truth that you know is a general truth, is not something that they will agree with. These people know a different truth, and they will never agree with the reality that it really is. And this is not a difference in subtle differences, these are facts against their distorted ideals and interpretations.

2. Distort the facts

Distorting the facts of a given situation is something they do very well. They use this manipulative trick to twist the truth into something bad to afflict the people around them.

3. They retain information

These people often use lying or withholding information in order to control a given situation. These intentions are your means of compromising the integrity of others and using them for your own benefit.

4. They deceive people

By twisting the facts and making people believe in the opposite of what really happened they manipulate those around them. If the situation is already bad, try to make things worse for you.

5. They do not feel remorse for the things they carry out

An evil person always tries to dominate others by stepping on anyone in their path. If they want to afflict you, they will carry it out without worrying about how they do it, since they basically feel satisfied when someone is suffering.

6. An evil person lies a lot

These people lie so much that they can be classified as pathological liars. They use this trait to deceive those around them, which is like a game to them. The more they lie, the more pleasure they feel.

7. They are not responsible for their actions

Evil people seldom take responsibility for their actions, since this is not part of their moral code. Instead of being responsible individuals, they are people who always blame others for their mistakes and never apologize.

8. They are manipulators

As mentioned above, these people are masters of manipulation. You must understand that you are not a priority for them, rather an obstruction of their objectives.

9. They are just friends

As mentioned in the beginning, these individuals are friends of convenience and are not familiar with the meaning of a real and loyal friendship. They are here when things are going well and when a situation goes wrong, they disappear.

10. They are control monsters

Narcissists are arrogant people, whose arrogance is the result of their control over others. They feed on their superiority and enjoy making others feel inferior and insignificant.

11. They lead double lives

Lying and deceiving others is a common trait that these people use, so it is not surprising that they lead a double life and lie to others in the same way they mess with you.

12. Steal your time

Last but not least, these people steal your precious time in order to achieve a certain goal. They try to ruin your chances of improving and usually isolate you from your friends and family.

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